HTTPS SNI (Server Name Indication) not supported? #1450

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vizanto commented Feb 15, 2014

After scratching my head a while about an error message along these lines:

Could not transfer artifact ... from/to Self-Signed-A (https://host-a/plugin/repository/everything): hostname in certificate didn't match: <host-a> != <host-b>

I was wondering, Is SNI supported by the HTTPS client leiningen uses?
Both hosts are on the same IP address, and wget has no problems authenticating and accessing the repo urls.

Both hostnames use a different self signed certificate, which I added to :certificates in my ~/lein/profiles.clj. When testing with wget I used the --ca-certificate option.


technomancy commented Feb 16, 2014

I'd be surprised if this isn't supported, but this is actually more of an Aether question than a Leiningen one. Whatever we do, we inherit from the Aether library.

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technomancy commented Jun 17, 2014

Closing this as it is a problem upstream.

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