Problems with :test-selectors dependency on robert/hooke #152

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mva commented Dec 31, 2010

Starting with a fresh project

lein new testselector
cd testselector/

Add this to project.clj:

:test-selectors {:default (fn [v] (not (:integration v)))
                 :integration :integration
                 :all (fn [_] true)}

Then ''lein test'' fails with "FileNotFoundException: Could not
locate robert/hooke__init.class or robert/hooke.clj on classpath"
even though robert/hooke.clj is in leiningen-1.4.1-standalone.jar does not mention this dependency.

This can be resolved by adding

:dev-deps [[robert/hooke "1.1.0"]]

and doing ''lein deps'' before ''lein test''. But even with this
additional dep a ''lein int'' followed by ''test'' says "Exception:
Test selectors require robert/hooke dep."

I'm using "Leiningen 1.4.1 on Java 1.6.0_20 OpenJDK 64-Bit Server
VM" with Linux.


Honor init form in eval-in-project. Closed by 0c6cc27.

mva commented Jan 1, 2011

Just tested with 1.4.2: "lein int" followed by "test" works fine, as long as robert/hook is manually added to :dev-deps together with :test-selectors. Thanks!


Grrrrreat; thanks for catching this.

@pjstadig pjstadig pushed a commit to pjstadig/leiningen that referenced this issue May 12, 2011
@technomancy Honor init form in eval-in-project. Fixes #152. 0c6cc27
This issue was closed.
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