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Reading project version number at runtime #178

kototama opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I need to read the project version number at runtime, once the application has been packaged as a "uber" JAR. This could work well since the project.clj is included in the JAR but since multiple project are used to build the JAR, only one project.clj is kept in the JAR. In the end it's not the one of the main application but one of a library and I can't retrieve the application version number.

It would be great to either somehow keep all project.clj in the JAR or to provide a mechanism so that the project version number of the project being packaged as a JAR could be accessed at runtime from the Clojure code.


I think it would be good if the uberjar task were rearranged so it added the project's files last. I will try to get this into version 1.5.0.


Place the project jar last in the uberjar. Closed by 6e7aa26.


Fixed for 1.5.0; you can get the project number in older versions by reading META-INF/maven/group-id/artifact-id/

@pjstadig pjstadig referenced this issue from a commit in pjstadig/leiningen
@technomancy Place the project jar last in the uberjar. Fixes #178. 6e7aa26
This issue was closed.
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