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webdav extension documentation #555

dehubbed opened this Issue May 2, 2012 · 1 comment

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dehubbed commented May 2, 2012

The sample project.clj suggests projects can be deployed using webdav by including

       :extensions [[org.apache.maven.wagon/wagon-webdav "1.0-beta-2"]]

I am trying this by including

       :deploy-repositories {"davtest" "dav:http://myserver/maven/bar"}

and issuing the command

       lein deploy davtest

however I am getting

       Error deploying artifact: Unsupported Protocol: 'dav': Cannot find wagon which supports the requested protocol: dav

It seems the necessary webdav wagon code is not part of the maven code contained in the leiningen-1.7.1-standalone.jar. Is above "extensions" specification supposed to result in leiningen getting the jar from the maven repo the same way it gets dependencies? No such attempt seems to have been made.

Probably this all works somehow just could be documented somewhere?


The :extensions key is just about propagating entries into the generated pom.xml file; they do not affect Leiningen itself. You should be able to use wagons during deployment by adding them to :plugins instead.

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