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lein doesn't print all tasks in Windows XP #592

borkdude opened this Issue May 21, 2012 · 10 comments

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Do you have .lein/profile.clj? It may be because some plugin fails to load and it terminates task listing operation


I assume you mean profiles.clj (plural), but with or without doesn't make a difference.


I can reproduce this bug. I have a 32-bit XP on JDK 1.7.0_04 with no %USERPROFILE%/.lein/profiles.clj file created.


Is XP the only Windows version where this occurs?

ath commented May 29, 2012

A workmate also sees a very short list under Windows XP. Could it have to do with spaces in the path C:\Documents and Settings\…?
Under Vista and Win7 MS changed this to C:\Users\….

borkdude commented Jun 2, 2012

Discovered the following:

  • this only occurs on windows XP, not on Windows 7
  • When running from a leiningen checkout lein prints all its tasks in XP.
  • When not running from a checkout (inside or outside project) lein prints only the plugins as tasks in XP.

Any clues on where to look next?


It sounds like a problem with the bultitude library:

The help task uses bultitude's namespaces-on-classpath function.

borkdude commented Jun 6, 2012

I included these lines in leiningen/help.clj to debug a little more and build a standalone jar which I tried on XP:

 (println "-------")
 (println "classpath-files" (b/classpath-files))
 (println "-------")
 (println "namespaces-on-classpath without prefix" (b/namespaces-on-classpath :prefix ""))
 (println "-------")
 (println "namespaces-on-classpath" (b/namespaces-on-classpath :prefix "leiningen"))

The output can be seen here:

It seems that only paths that are not encoded with %20 for spaces get their namespaces recognized. For some reason the default java libraries and the leiningen standalone are encoded, but plugins (lein newnew) or dependencies (clojure) are not.

Maybe @raynes know something?

PS: The reason why the tasks on Windows 7 -are- printed is probably that the self-install directory doesn't contain any spaces there (output on Windows 7:

PPS: FWIW, I can manually get at the leiningen self-install "URL" by doing this in a REPL in XP:

borkdude commented Jun 7, 2012

This fix in bultitude seems to solve it: Raynes/bultitude#9

borkdude commented Jun 9, 2012

Bumping to bultitude version 0.1.6 in project.clj should fix this issue.

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