AOT compilation is not carried out before running a plugin #672

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AOT compilation is required to generate the .class files (just as the javac task needs to be run to generate .class files) before running a Leiningen plugin.

Currently, as of lein2-preview7 AOT compilation is not carried out automatically before invoking a Leiningen plugin.


Can you be more specific? What are you trying to do?


Everything in :prep-tasks (including javac and compile) runs before any eval-in-project code. If you aren't calling eval-in-project but still need .class files generated for some reason, you should call the leiningen.compile/compile function. Performing compilation before every single task invocation would be wasteful.

@technomancy technomancy closed this Jul 1, 2012

Thanks @technomancy leiningen.compile/compile helps.

@michaelklishin I was trying to generate a WAR file from source and compiled files.

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