sample.project.clj needs a detailed explanation at :main #710

acardona opened this Issue Jul 31, 2012 · 1 comment


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Would be nice if the "sample.project.clj" was more specific about :main. For example, it could say that it expects in it the class, and not the function to run; also, it could say that the "main" function has to be like:

(defn -main [& args]
... )

Thanks for leinigen!


michaelklishin commented Jul 31, 2012

sample.project.clj has:

  ;; The -main function in this namespace will be run at launch if you
  ;; create an uberjar. Set :skip-aot metadata on this symbol to use
  ;; it for other things like the run task or shell wrappers without
  ;; bringing in AOT if you don't need an executable uberjar.
  :main org.example.sample

I will update it to use a more realistic example but we probably don't want sample.project.clj to be a Clojure tutorial.

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