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Move standalone jars and download scripts away from GitHub #885

hyPiRion opened this Issue Dec 13, 2012 · 3 comments

3 participants


The GitHub blog recently published the blog post Goodbye, Uploads which explains that all downloads and the download folder will go away at 2013-03-10 (March 10.). As such, the download scripts must refer to different URLs, and content has to be put at a different site (e.g. or possibly S3).

Image files and other stuff should also be moved (leiningen-banner, leiningen-full).


Might as well take this time to move off dreamhost and onto S3 as well.

alexott commented Dec 13, 2012

you may host it on github, and in contrast in S3, you can make site without www prefix.


GitHub doesn't provide access to logs, so it is not a good solution for this.

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