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Lobos History


  • Support for migration


  • Add support for creating indexes
  • Improved compiler support for value expression
  • Improved the analyzer to be able to use database specific information schema
  • Removed the global schema map


  • Support for altering tables
  • Improved the schema creation process
  • Added the refer column option
  • Added text and ntext aliases
  • Major refactoring of integration tests
  • Added system testing with only one test for now


  • Added remaining scalar data-types
  • Added support for foreign key and check constraints
  • Rewrote part of the analyzer as a multi-method
  • Added drop cascade support for SQL Server


  • Added a comprehensive set of data types
  • Improve integration testing
  • Minor compiler improvements
  • Implementation of some more backends (MySQL, SQLite and SQL Server)
  • Bug fixing


  • Unit tests for compiler, connectivity and schema namespaces
  • Basic integration testing for all backends
  • Implementation of the H2 backend
  • Lots of issues fixed, API improved


  • Implementation of the PostgreSQL backend
  • Support for creating and dropping schemas
  • Support for schema-scoped table operations
  • Support for auto-inc column option


  • Basic implementation of the compiler, ast, schema, analyzer, connectivity and core namespaces
  • Only default SQL Standard backend
  • Support for creating and dropping tables
  • Support for integer, timestamp and varchar data-types
  • Support for primary key and unique constraints
  • Support for not null column option and basic default clause support