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(ns meta.verse
(:refer-clojure :exclude [load require ns])
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.pprint :as pp])
(:import ( MessageDigest)
(clojure.lang LineNumberingPushbackReader)))
(defn sha1 [bytes]
(let [digest (.digest (MessageDigest/getInstance "SHA1") bytes)]
(format "%x" (BigInteger. 1 digest))))
(defonce ccl (.getContextClassLoader (Thread/currentThread)))
(defn qualify [lib checksum]
(symbol (str lib "." checksum)))
(defn transform [ns-form checksum]
(let [transformed-ns (qualify (second ns-form) checksum)]
`(clojure.core/ns ~transformed-ns ~@(drop 2 ns-form))))
(defn read-all [resource]
(let [reader (LineNumberingPushbackReader. (io/reader resource))
forms (repeatedly #(read reader false ::eof))]
;; TODO: add :file metadata
(take-while #(not= ::eof %) forms)))
(defn transformed-sources [lib]
(let [matches (enumeration-seq (.findResources ccl lib))]
(for [match matches
:let [checksum (sha1 (.getBytes (slurp match)))
;; TODO: the body must be *read* in the ns of the
;; first element
[ns-form & body] (binding [*ns* (the-ns 'user)]
(read-all match))]]
(cons (transform ns-form checksum) body))))
(defn load [lib]
;; (clojure.core/load lib)
(doseq [transformed (transformed-sources lib)]
(binding [*ns* (find-ns 'user)]
(doseq [form transformed]
(eval form)))))
;; for debugging
(defn pprint [lib]
(doseq [transformed (transformed-sources lib)]
(pp/pprint transformed)))
(defn require [[lib & {:as opts} :as orig-args]]
(if-let [rev (:rev opts)]
(let [qualified-lib (qualify lib rev)]
;; TODO: check *loaded-libs*, don't reload unless necessary
(load (str (subs (#'clojure.core/root-resource lib) 1) ".clj"))
(when-let [as (:as opts)]
(ns-unalias *ns* as)
(alias as qualified-lib))
;; TODO: we might need two concepts of "loaded" for this
(commute @#'clojure.core/*loaded-libs* conj qualified-lib))
(clojure.core/require orig-args)))
(defn- ns-clause [[clause-type & args]]
(if (= :require clause-type)
(cons clause-type args)))
(defn- require? [[clause-type & _]]
(= clause-type :require))
(defn- versioned-require [[_ & subclauses]]
(for [subclause subclauses]
`(require '~subclause)))
(defmacro ns- [name & clauses]
(let [[requires others] ((juxt filter remove) require? clauses)]
`(do (clojure.core/ns ~name ~@others)
~@(mapcat versioned-require requires))))
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