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(ns mire.server
(:use [mire.player]
[mire.commands :only [discard look execute]]
[mire.rooms :only [add-rooms rooms]])
(:use [ :only [reader writer]]
[server.socket :only [create-server]]))
(defn- cleanup []
"Drop all inventory and remove player from room and player list."
(doseq [item @*inventory*]
(discard item))
(commute player-streams dissoc *player-name*)
(commute (:inhabitants @*current-room*)
disj *player-name*)))
(defn- get-unique-player-name [name]
(if (@player-streams name)
(do (print "That name is in use; try again: ")
(recur (read-line)))
(defn- mire-handle-client [in out]
(binding [*in* (reader in)
*out* (writer out)
*err* (writer System/err)]
;; We have to nest this in another binding call instead of using
;; the one above so *in* and *out* will be bound to the socket
(print "\nWhat is your name? ") (flush)
(binding [*player-name* (get-unique-player-name (read-line))
*current-room* (ref (@rooms :start))
*inventory* (ref #{})]
(commute (:inhabitants @*current-room*) conj *player-name*)
(commute player-streams assoc *player-name* *out*))
(println (look)) (print prompt) (flush)
(try (loop [input (read-line)]
(when input
(println (execute input))
(.flush *err*)
(print prompt) (flush)
(recur (read-line))))
(finally (cleanup))))))
(defn -main
([port dir]
(add-rooms dir)
(defonce server (create-server (Integer. port) mire-handle-client))
(println "Launching Mire server on port" port))
([port] (-main port "resources/rooms"))
([] (-main 3333)))
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