proof-of-concept middleware for auto-discovery of nrepl ops
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nREPL discovery

Proof-of-concept design for declaring auto-discovered nREPL operations and corresponding client-side auto-generated commands.

For background, see this thread and this one too.

An nREPL operation can be any piece of functionality performed server-side that would be convenient to expose from the editor. For example, you can run the tests you're editing by switching to the REPL and calling clojure.test/run-tests, but it's more convenient to have an editor command you can invoke directly and bind to whatever keystroke you like.

See src/nrepl/discover/sample.clj for some samples of what user-defined ops can do. As a proof-of-concept it includes a reference implementation of a toggle-trace operation using tools.trace as well as a couple operations for running clojure.test tests.

There are really three distinct parts to this:

  • A server-side nREPL middleware to find metadata all available operations and expose them to clients.
  • A set of clients (currently only one) implementing a compiler of operation metadata -> editor commands.
  • A predetermined vocabulary (see for acceptable argument declarations and content-types for responses that nREPL operations may use and clients should support.

This project is still under rapid development and should not be considered stable.


Place this in your :user profile:

:dependencies [[nrepl-discover "0.1.0"]]
:repl-options {:nrepl-middleware []
               :init (require '}

With the nrepl-discover.el elisp package, (installable from Marmalade) it's possible to run M-x nrepl-discover on an active nREPL session for this project, which results in the creation of commands for every loaded var which has :nrepl/op metadata attached.

In order to handle the response values, you currently need to run from the content-types branch of Cider.

For Emacs usage you would typically invoke nrepl-discover from nrepl-connected-hook and define key bindings for nrepl-toggle-trace and nrepl-run-tests, the latter of which should be able to obsolete the clojure-test-mode library. The Emacs lisp code is included as a reference implementation; the hope is that the same functionality could be ported to other editors like Vim and CounterClockwise.

Lots to do

  • Could this be used to implement completion? (need a new content-type?)

  • Replace as many nrepl.el commands as possible

  • unload-ns

  • macroexpand-1 / macroexpand-all

  • doc

  • javadoc

  • clojuredocs

  • Implement for other editors


Copyright © 2013 Phil Hagelberg and contributors

Emacs Lisp code distributed under the GNU General Public License, either version 3 or (at your option) any later version.

Everything else distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.