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To build maven based pallet projects, you will need to have various repositories in your settings.xml. One way to do this is to use the settings.xml in the pallet-settings-xml project.


Please make sure tests pass, and test cases are added to cover new code.

To run the pallet tests, you will need to authorise your id_rsa key on localhost.

To run pallet-crates live-test, you can use the live-test profile:

mvn clojure:test -P live-test -Dpallet.test.service-name=ec2

Source Code Format

Source code should follow the following rules:

  • No Tabs
  • 80 character maximum line length

Commit messages

Commit messages are used to generate the changelog (see below).

your messages should start with a single line that's no more than about 50 characters and that describes the changeset concisely, followed by a blank line, followed by a more detailed explanation.

See progit for a more complete explaination of commit messages.

Release Notes

The release notes are built using commit messages.

For the release notes format to be produced directly by git, just add the following to your .gitconfig file under the [pretty] section:

changelog = format:- %w(76,0,2)%s%n%w(76,2,2)%b

To generate the raw input for the changelog, then run the following, replacing pallet-0.4.0 with a commit or tag that you want to start from:

git log --pretty=changelog  pallet-0.4.0..
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