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Radagast the Brown! ... Radagast the Bird-tamer! Radagast the
Simple! Radagast the Fool! Yet he had just the wit to play the
part that I set him.
-- Saruman, Lord of the Rings

Radagast is a simplistic test coverage tool. It will let you know if you've got huge holes in your test coverage. However, you should not rely on Radagast to tell you if your tests are good!


For now it only works as a Leiningen plugin. Include it as a dev dependency in your project.clj:

:profiles {:dev {:dependencies [[radagast "2.0.1"]]}}

Then you can use it:

$ lein run -m radagast.coverage "whitelist.*pattern" [ns.two ...]

You can also define an alias to run it as lein radagast ... where it will take test namespaces as arguments.

:aliases {"radagast" ["run" "-m" "radagast.coverage" "whitelist.pattern"]}


Copyright © 2010-2014 Phil Hagelberg and contributors

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.