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Ragtime is a Clojure library for migrating structured data, and consists of ragtime.core, which is database-independent, and ragtime.sql, which includes functions suitable for migration SQL database schema.


Add ragtime.core as a dependency if you want the database-independent core:

[ragtime/ragtime.core "0.1.1"]

The ragtime.sql library is currently not finished.


Creating migrations

Migrations consist of a map of two one-argument functions, :up and :down, and a unique identifier, :id.

Here's an example of one that modifies an in-memory atom:

{:id "add-dog"
 :up   (fn [db] (swap! db conj :dog))
 :down (fn [db] (swap! db disj :dog))}

The defmigration macro is usually used to define migrations. It will automatically add the :id key for you, based on the var name:

(defmigration add-dog
  {:up   (fn [db] (swap! db conj :dog))
   :down (fn [db] (swap! db disj :dog))})

Because we're dealing with maps and functions, we can create factor out common functionality into higher-level functions:

(defn mconj [x]
  {:up   (fn [db] (swap! db conj x))
   :down (fn [db] (swap! db disj x))})

(defmigration add-dog
  (mconj :dog))

You can list the migrations in a namespace with list-migrations:

(list-migrations 'my.namespace.migrations)

The migrations will be returned in the order they were defined.