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REPL-y: A fitter, happier, more productive REPL for Clojure.
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A fitter, happier, more productive REPL for Clojure.

Improvements over the existing REPL that comes in clojure.jar

  • A number of readline commands, some not available in earlier JLine versions:
    • navigation to the start/end of lines, and forward/back by word
    • history navigation and search
    • and much much more
  • CTRL-C:
    • kills the currently running command, breaks out of infinite loops, etc.
    • doesn't bail out of the process - stops interruption-friendly operations
  • Code completion for:
    • Clojure vars and namespaces
    • Clojure namespace-qualified vars
    • Java classes, packages
    • Java package-qualified classes, static methods
  • ClojureDocs support via a clojuredocs command
  • Optional nREPL integration


REPLy is now part of leiningen, as of the 2.x preview series. It's definitely your best bet for installation and Clojure development in general.

And here's how to get a standalone version up and running (assuming you have leiningen installed):

git clone
cd reply
lein deps, compile


Run bin/ on Mac/Linux, or bin\reply.bat on Windows.

And if you want to really live the high life, add the bin directory to your $PATH.

If you want additional stuff on the classpath, you can set $USER_CP. For instance:

USER_CP=`lein classpath` reply

Examples of fancy options:

Launch in nREPL mode:

$ reply

Standalone execution (no nREPL):

$ reply --standalone

Skip all the bells-and-whistles initialization and provide your own:

$ reply --skip-default-init -e '(println "OHAI WORLD")'

For details on the latest and greatest:

$ reply --help


Thanks to the developers of Clojure, JLine, nREPL, clojure-complete, ClojureDocs, and clojuredocs-client, for their work on the excellent projects that this project depends upon.

Special thanks to 8th Light for allowing me to work on this during our open-source Friday afternoons.


Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Colin Jones

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. See the LICENSE file for details.

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