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@@ -16,6 +16,16 @@ loaded on startup. Then users can place files that call add-hook under
a specific namespace prefix (my.program.hooks.*) which they can rely
on getting loaded at startup.
+Hooks can change the behaviour of the functions they wrap in many
+* binding
+* conditional execution (may decide not to continue or decide to call
+ a different function in some circumstances)
+* modify arguments
+* add side effects
+* return different value
Hooke is inspired by Emacs Lisp's defadvice and clojure.test fixtures.
## Usage
@@ -55,8 +65,35 @@ sorts of other stuff.
Technically the first argument to a hook function is not always the
target function; if there is more than one hook then the first hook
will receive a function that is a composition of the remaining
-hooks. But when you're writing hooks, you should act as if it is the
-target function.
+hooks. (Dare I say a continuation?) But when you're writing hooks, you
+should act as if it is the target function.
+Adding hooks to a defmulti is discouraged as it will make it
+impossible to add further methods. Hooks are meant to extend functions
+you don't control; if you own the target function there are obviously
+better ways to change its behaviour.
+## Bonus Features
+Most of the time you'll never need more than just add-hook. But
+there's more!
+If you are using Hooke just to add side-effects to a function, it may
+be simpler to use the append or prepend macros:
+ (prepend print-name
+ (print "The following person is awesome:"))
+ (print-name "Gilbert K. Chesterton")
+ > The following person is awesome:
+ > Gilbert K. Chesterton
+You may also run a block of code with the hooks for a given var
+stripped out:
+ (with-hooks-disabled print-name
+ (print-name "Alan Moore"))
+ > Alan Moore
## License

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