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Exception traces shown on first upload of new artifact #7

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The first time an artifact is deployed, the download of existing metadata obviously fails. In this case, an exception is however shown to the user, which is confusing (the deploy however succeeds). This might be just be a case of adjusting the log levels for the messages to DEBUG rather than the current WARN and SEVERE.


Hey @technomancy, any clues how to fix this? I get error messages from lein all the time when using s3-wagon-private. It seems like it is checking s3 for my dependencies that are on Clojars occasionally.


Not really; this whole thing got rewritten in 1.1.0 and I haven't looked at the new version at all. TBH it's a bit silly that this project even exists; the upstream projects should just be patched to support private ACLs.

@danielcompton danielcompton added the bug label

This shouldn't be an issue anymore with the new version 1.2.0 as it uses the official S3 client and is much less noisy.

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