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Properly escaping filename for urls.

Fixing issue where scpasting a file with a reserved character, such as
"Makefile|server" scps a file called "Makefile%7cserver", but the web
url is "Makefil%7cserver" rather than the properly encoded
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1 parent fa8cdb1 commit 2eea9029192ef113f3744597dacc49c0a6944b88 @justinabrahms justinabrahms committed Mar 18, 2012
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@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ You must have write-access to this directory via `scp'.")
(name (url-hexify-string (if (equal "" original-name)
- (full-url (concat scpaste-http-destination "/" name ".html"))
+ (full-url (concat scpaste-http-destination "/" (url-hexify-string name) ".html"))
(scp-destination (concat scpaste-scp-destination "/" name ".html"))
(scp-original-destination (concat scpaste-scp-destination "/" name))
(tmp-file (concat temporary-file-directory "/" name)))

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