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(ns slam.hound.regrow
(:require [clojure.set :as set]
[clojure.string :as string]
[slam.hound.stitch :as stitch]
[ :as search]))
(def *debug* false)
;; sometimes we can't rely on stdout (testing slamhound.el)
(def debug-log (atom []))
(defn- debug [& msg]
(when *debug*
(swap! debug-log conj msg)
(apply prn msg)))
(defn- class-name? [x]
(Character/isUpperCase (first (name x))))
(defn- missing-sym-name [msg]
(second (or (re-find #"Unable to resolve \w+: ([-_\w\$\?!\*\>\<]+)" msg)
(re-find #"Can't resolve: ([-_\w\$\?!\*\>\<]+)" msg)
(re-find #"No such namespace: ([-_\w\$\?!\*\>\<]+)" msg)
(re-find #"No such var: \w+/([-_\w\$\?!\*\>\<]+)" msg))))
(defn- failure-details [msg]
(when-let [sym (missing-sym-name msg)]
{:missing sym
:possible-types (cond (class-name? sym) [:import :require-refer]
(re-find #"Unable to resolve var: \w+/" msg)
[:require-as :require-refer]
(re-find #"No such (var|namespace)" msg)
:else [:require-refer :import])}))
(defn- check-for-failure [ns-map body]
(let [sandbox-ns `slamhound.sandbox#
ns-form (stitch/ns-from-map (assoc ns-map :name sandbox-ns))]
(binding [*ns* (create-ns sandbox-ns)]
(eval `(do ~ns-form ~@body nil))
(catch Exception e
(or (failure-details (.getMessage e))
(do (debug :not-found ns-form)
(throw e))))
(remove-ns (.name *ns*)))))))
(defn- symbols-in-body [body]
(filter symbol? (remove coll? (rest (tree-seq coll? seq body)))))
(def ^:private ns-qualifed-syms
(memoize (fn [body]
(apply merge-with set/union {}
(for [value (symbols-in-body body)
:let [[_ alias var-name] (re-matches #"(.+)/(.+)"
(str value))]
:when alias]
{alias #{(symbol var-name)}})))))
(defn candidates [type missing body]
(case type
:import (for [class-name search/available-classes
:when (= missing (last (.split class-name "\\.")))]
(symbol class-name))
:require-as (for [n (all-ns)
:let [syms-with-alias (get (ns-qualifed-syms body)
:when (and (seq syms-with-alias)
(every? (set (keys (ns-publics n)))
[(ns-name n) :as (symbol missing)])
:require-refer (for [n (all-ns)
[sym var] (ns-publics n)
:when (= missing (name sym))]
[(ns-name n) :refer [sym]])))
(defn- butlast-regex [candidate]
(if (symbol? candidate)
(re-pattern (string/join "." (butlast (.split (name candidate) "\\."))))
(re-pattern (name (first candidate)))))
(defn in-originals-pred [originals]
(fn [candidate]
(some #(re-find (butlast-regex candidate) (str %)) originals)))
(def ^:private disambiguator-blacklist
(if-let [v (resolve 'user/slamhound-disambiguator-blacklist)]
(defn- new-type-to-old-types [new-type]
(case new-type
:require-as [:require]
:require-refer [:require :use] ; could've been require/refer or use/only
(defn- disambiguate [candidates missing ns-map type]
;; TODO: prefer things in src/classes to jars
(debug :disambiguating missing :in candidates)
(->> candidates
(sort-by (juxt (complement (in-originals-pred
(map #(get (:old ns-map) %)
(new-type-to-old-types type))))
(comp count str)))
(remove #(re-find disambiguator-blacklist (str %)))
(defn- grow-step [missing type ns-map body]
(if-let [addition (disambiguate (candidates type missing body)
missing ns-map type)]
(update-in ns-map [type] conj addition)
(defonce pre-load-namespaces
(doseq [namespace (search/namespaces)
:when (not (re-find #"example|lancet$" (name namespace)))]
(try (with-out-str (require namespace))
(catch Throwable _)))))
(defn regrow [[ns-map body]]
(force pre-load-namespaces)
(if (:slamhound-skip (:meta ns-map))
(loop [ns-map ns-map
last-missing nil
type-to-try 0]
(if-let [{:keys [missing possible-types]} (check-for-failure ns-map body)]
(let [type-idx (if (= last-missing missing)
(inc type-to-try)
(if-let [type (get possible-types type-idx)]
(recur (grow-step missing type ns-map body) missing type-idx)
(throw (Exception. (str "Couldn't resolve " missing
", got as far as " ns-map)))))
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