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(ns slam.hound.regrow-test
(:require [clojure.test :refer [deftest is testing]]
[slam.hound.regrow :refer [disambiguate grow-ns-map regrow]])
(:refer-clojure :exclude [/]))
;; Classes and vars for testing
(defrecord RegrowTestRecord [])
(deftype TreeSet [])
(definterface HashSet)
(def +i-must-be-a-cl-user+ true)
(def -+_$?!*><='' :horribly-named-var)
(def / :special-case-token)
(def CapitalVar true)
(def Pattern "Not java.util.Pattern")
(def trim (constantly "Conflicts with clojure.string/trim"))
(def τ (* Math/PI 2))
(def ^:private private-var "Can be resolved with #'")
;; Explicitly require korma for tests below
(require 'korma.core)
(def candidates #'slam.hound.regrow/candidates)
(deftest ^:unit test-candidates
(testing "finds static and dynamically created Java packages"
(is (= (candidates :import 'TreeSet '(TreeSet) {})
'#{java.util.TreeSet slam.hound.regrow_test.TreeSet}))
(is (= (candidates :import 'Compiler$BodyExpr '(Compiler$BodyExpr) {})
(is (= (candidates :import 'RegrowTestRecord '((RegrowTestRecord.)) {})
(testing "finds aliased namespaces"
(is (= (candidates :alias 's '((s/join #{:a} #{:b})) {})
'#{clojure.set clojure.string korma.core}))
(is (= (candidates :alias 'r '((def foo r/trim)
(def bar #'r/private-var)) {})
(candidates :alias 'r '((def foo #'r/trim)) {})
'#{clojure.string slam.hound.regrow-test})))
(testing "finds referred vars"
(is (= (candidates :refer 'join '((join #{:a} #{:b})) {})
'#{clojure.set clojure.string korma.core})))
(testing "finds renamed vars from old ns"
(is (= (candidates :rename '∩ '(( #{:a} #{:b}))
'{:rename {clojure.set {intersection ∩}
clojure.string {join j}}})
(deftest test-alias-distance
(let [d #'slam.hound.regrow/alias-distance
max? (partial = Long/MAX_VALUE)]
(is (max? (d "zbc" "abcdef")))
(is (max? (d "azc" "abcdef")))
(is (max? (d "abz" "abcdef")))
(is (max? (d "abcd" "abc")))
(is (= (d "a" "abcdef") 0))
(is (= (d "abc" "abcdef") 0))
(is (= (d "ace" "abcdef") 2))
(is (= (d "fbb" "foo-bar-baz") 6))))
(deftest ^:unit test-disambiguate
(testing "removes candidate's own namespace"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{foo bar} :alias 'foo '{:new-ns-map {:name foo}})
'[:alias bar])))
(testing "removes namespaces beginning with cljs from candidates"
(is (nil? (disambiguate '#{cljs.core} :refer 'defn {})))
(is (nil? (disambiguate '#{cljs.repl} :refer 'load-file {}))))
(testing "removes candidates matching disambiguator-blacklist"
(is (nil? (disambiguate '#{swank lancet} :alias 'swank {}))))
(testing "removes namespaces with excluded vars"
(is (nil? (disambiguate '#{clojure.string clojure.set}
:refer 'join
{:exclude {clojure.string #{join}
clojure.set #{join}}}})))
(is (nil? (disambiguate '#{clojure.core core.logic} :refer '==
{:xrefer #{clojure.core core.logic}
:refer {clojure.core #{} core.logic #{}}}}))))
(testing "enforces one alias per namespace"
(is (nil? (disambiguate '#{clojure.string}
:alias 's
'{:new-ns-map {:alias {clojure.string string}}}))))
(testing "prefers imports from old ns"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{java.util.TreeSet slam.hound.regrow_test.TreeSet}
:import 'TreeSet
{:import #{java.util.TreeSet}}})
'[:import java.util.TreeSet])))
(testing "prefers aliases from old ns"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{a zzz} :alias 'x
'{:old-ns-map {:alias {zzz x}}})
'[:alias zzz])))
(testing "prefers refers from old ns"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{a zzz} :refer 'x
'{:old-ns-map {:refer {zzz #{x}}}})
'[:refer zzz])))
(testing "prefers explicit refers over mass refers from old ns"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{clojure.set clojure.string}
:refer 'join
{:refer-all #{clojure.set}
:refer {clojure.string #{join}}}})
'[:refer clojure.string])))
(testing "prefers aliases where the last segment matches"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{clojure.set clojure.string} :alias 'string {})
'[:alias clojure.string])))
(testing "prefers candidates in project namespaces"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{clojure.string slam.hound.regrow-test}
:refer 'trim {})
'[:refer slam.hound.regrow-test]))
(is (= (disambiguate '#{java.util.TreeSet slam.hound.regrow_test.TreeSet}
:import 'TreeSet {})
'[:import slam.hound.regrow_test.TreeSet])))
(testing "prefers candidates whose initials match the alias"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{xray.yankee.zulu abc} :alias 'xyz {})
'[:alias xray.yankee.zulu])))
(testing "prefers candidates with the shortest alias-distance"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{clojure.string clojure.core} :alias 's {})
'[:alias clojure.string]))
(is (= (disambiguate '#{clojure.string clojure.set} :alias 'st {})
'[:alias clojure.string])))
(testing "prefers shortest candidates when no other predicates match"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{ clojure.set clojure.string}
:alias 'a {})
'[:alias clojure.set])))
(testing "changes type to :refer-all when top candidate is in old :refer-all"
(is (= (disambiguate '#{clojure.set clojure.string}
:refer 'join
'{:old-ns-map {:refer-all #{clojure.set}}})
'[:refer-all clojure.set]))))
(deftest ^:unit test-grow-ns-map
(testing "finds basic imports, aliases, and refers"
(is (= (grow-ns-map {} :import 'RegrowTestRecord '((RegrowTestRecord.)))
'{:import #{slam.hound.regrow_test.RegrowTestRecord}
:require #{slam.hound.regrow-test}}))
(is (= (grow-ns-map {} :import 'HashSet '(HashSet))
'{:import #{slam.hound.regrow_test.HashSet}
:require #{slam.hound.regrow-test}}))
(is (= (grow-ns-map {} :alias 'string '((string/join)))
'{:alias {clojure.string string}}))
(is (= (grow-ns-map {} :refer 'pprint '((pprint [])))
'{:refer {clojure.pprint #{pprint}}})))
(testing "finds imports + requires for underscored namespaces"
(binding [*ns* (create-ns `slam.hound.underscored_ns#)]
(eval `(defrecord ~'Underscored_Record []))
(is (= (grow-ns-map {} :import 'Underscored_Record
{:import #{(symbol (str *ns* ".Underscored_Record"))}
:require #{(.name *ns*)}}))
(remove-ns (.name *ns*))))))
(testing "honors old :refer :all"
(is (= (grow-ns-map '{:old {:refer-all #{clojure.pprint}}}
:refer 'pprint '((pprint [])))
'{:old {:refer-all #{clojure.pprint}}
:refer-all #{clojure.pprint}})))
(testing "finds capitalized vars"
(is (= (grow-ns-map '{} :refer 'CapitalVar '((type CapitalVar)))
'{:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{CapitalVar}}})))
(testing "find renamed vars"
(is (= (grow-ns-map '{:old {:rename {clojure.string {trim t}
slam.hound.regrow-test {trim t}}}}
:rename 't '((def trim-fn t)))
'{:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{trim}}
:rename {slam.hound.regrow-test {trim t}}
:old {:rename {clojure.string {trim t}
slam.hound.regrow-test {trim t}}}}))))
(deftest ^:unit test-regrow
(testing "prefers capitalized vars referred in old ns to classes"
(is (= (regrow '[{:old {:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{Pattern}}}}
((def p Pattern))])
'{:old {:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{Pattern}}}
:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{Pattern}}}))
(is (= (regrow '[{:old {:refer {my.ns #{BitSet}}}}
((def bs BitSet))])
'{:old {:refer {my.ns #{BitSet}}}
:import #{java.util.BitSet}})))
(testing "finds referred vars with strange names"
(is (= (regrow '[{} ((assert +i-must-be-a-cl-user+))])
'{:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{+i-must-be-a-cl-user+}}}))
(is (= (regrow '[{} ((keyword? -+_$?!*><=''))])
'{:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{-+_$?!*><=''}}}))
(is (= (regrow '[{:old {:exclude {clojure.core #{/}}}
:exclude {clojure.core #{/}}}
((keyword? /))])
'{:old {:exclude {clojure.core #{/}}}
:exclude {clojure.core #{/}}
:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{/}}}))
(is (= (regrow '[{} ((def unicode-syms [τ ∩ ★]))])
'{:refer {slam.hound.regrow-test #{τ ∩ ★}}})))
(testing "finds consumed references within syntax-quotes"
(is (= (regrow '[{:name slam.hound.regrow-test}
((eval `(instance? Named :foo)))])
'{:name slam.hound.regrow-test
:import #{clojure.lang.Named}})))
(testing "finds aliases that conflict with namespaces"
(is (= (regrow '[{:name slam.hound.regrow-test}
((def foo user/union))])
'{:name slam.hound.regrow-test
:alias {clojure.set user}}))
;; Please never do this
(is (= (regrow '[{:name slam.hound.regrow-test}
((def foo clojure.string/union))])
'{:name slam.hound.regrow-test
:alias {clojure.set clojure.string}})))
(testing "finds referred vars with dashed ns aliases"
(is (= (regrow '[{:name slam.hound.regrow-test}
((with-redefs [c-s/union (constantly [])] c-s/union))])
'{:name slam.hound.regrow-test
:alias {clojure.set c-s}}))))