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(ns slam.hound.stitch-test
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.test :refer [deftest is testing]]
[slam.hound.stitch :refer [imports-from-map keyword-list-from-map
metadata-from-map ns-from-map
refer-clojure-from-map requires-from-map
(deftest ^:unit test-keyword-list-from-map
(is (= (keyword-list-from-map
:gen-class '{:gen-class [:name Foo :extends Bar]})
'(:gen-class :name Foo :extends Bar)))
(is (= (keyword-list-from-map :foo '{:foo []}) '(:foo)))
(is (nil? (keyword-list-from-map :foo {:foo nil}))))
(deftest ^:unit test-metadata-from-map
(is (= (metadata-from-map {}) []))
(is (= (metadata-from-map {:meta {:doc "foo"}}) ["foo"]))
(is (= (metadata-from-map {:meta {:bar "bar"}}) [{:bar "bar"}]))
(is (= (metadata-from-map {:meta {:doc "foo" :bar "bar"}})
["foo" {:bar "bar"}])))
(deftest ^:unit test-imports-from-map
(is (= (imports-from-map '{:import #{java.util.BitSet
'(:import ( File)
(java.util BitSet Random))))
(is (nil? (imports-from-map {:import #{}}))))
(deftest ^:unit test-requires-from-map
(is (= (requires-from-map '{:import #{}
:require #{clojure.xml}
:alias {clojure.string string}
:refer {clojure.string #{trim}
clojure.set #{difference}}
:refer-all #{}
:exclude { [with-sh-env]}
:rename { {sh ssshhh}}
:verbose #{clojure.string clojure.set clojure.xml}
:reload-all #{clojure.string clojure.set clojure.xml}})
'((:require [ :refer :all :exclude [with-sh-env]
:rename {sh ssshhh}]
[clojure.set :refer [difference]]
[clojure.string :as string :refer [trim]]
:reload-all :verbose))))
(testing "sorting"
(is (= (str (requires-from-map '{:rename {my.ns {c cc a aa b bb}}}))
"[(:require [my.ns :rename {a aa, b bb, c cc}])]"))
(is (= (requires-from-map '{:refer {my.ns [c b a]}})
'[(:require [my.ns :refer [a b c]])])))
(testing "special handling of clojure.core"
(is (nil? (requires-from-map '{:refer-all #{clojure.core}})))
(is (= (requires-from-map '{:alias {clojure.core core}
:refer {clojure.core #{replace}}})
'[(:require [clojure.core :as core])])))
(testing "returns multiple require clauses for each set of require flags"
(is (= (requires-from-map '{:require #{a b c d e}
:verbose #{a b x}
:reload #{a c y}
:reload-all #{b d z}})
'[(:require [e])
(:require [c] :reload)
(:require [d] :reload-all)
(:require [a] :reload :verbose)
(:require [b] :reload-all :verbose)])))
(testing "does not insert vector of :refer when ns is mass referred"
(is (= (requires-from-map '{:alias {my.ns mn}
:refer {my.ns #{foo bar baz}}
:refer-all #{my.ns}})
'[(:require [my.ns :as mn :refer :all])]))))
(deftest test-refer-clojure-from-map
(is (nil? (refer-clojure-from-map '{:refer-all #{clojure.core}})))
(is (= (refer-clojure-from-map '{:refer-all #{clojure.core}
:rename {clojure.core {/ div}}
:exclude {clojure.core [* + -]}})
'(:refer-clojure :exclude [* + -] :rename {/ div})))
(is (= (refer-clojure-from-map '{:refer {clojure.core [refer]}})
'(:refer-clojure :only [refer])))
(is (= (refer-clojure-from-map '{:refer {clojure.core []}})
'(:refer-clojure :only []))) ; This is a common invocation
(is (nil? (refer-clojure-from-map '{:refer { [io]}}))))
(deftest ^:unit test-ns-from-map
(is (= (ns-from-map '{:name my.ns
:meta {:doc "My example namespace."}
:import #{java.util.BitSet java.util.Random}
:require #{clojure.xml}
:alias {clojure.string string}
:refer {clojure.core [+ - * /]
clojure.string #{trim}
clojure.set #{difference}}
:refer-all #{}
:exclude { [with-sh-env]}
:rename { {sh ssshhh}}
:gen-class [:name Foo]
:load ["/foo" "/bar"]})
'(ns my.ns
"My example namespace."
(:require [ :refer :all :exclude [with-sh-env]
:rename {sh ssshhh}]
[clojure.set :refer [difference]]
[clojure.string :as string :refer [trim]]
(:import (java.util BitSet Random))
(:refer-clojure :only [* + - /])
(:gen-class :name Foo)
(:load "/foo" "/bar"))))
(is (= (ns-from-map '{:name my.ns
:alias {clojure.string string
clojure.set set}
:refer {clojure.string [upper-case lower-case]}
:exclude {clojure.core [test compile]}})
'(ns my.ns
(:require [clojure.set :as set]
:as string
:refer [lower-case upper-case]])
(:refer-clojure :exclude [compile test]))))
(testing "generates multiple require clauses for each set of require flags"
(is (= (ns-from-map '{:name my.ns
:require #{foo bar baz}
:reload-all #{bar}})
'(ns my.ns
(:require [baz] [foo])
(:require [bar] :reload-all))))))
(deftest ^:unit test-stitch-up
(is (= (slurp (io/resource "test-stitch-up.out"))
(stitch-up '{:name slamhound.sample
:meta {:doc "Testing some \"things\"\n going on here."
:zzz "zzz"
:slamhound-skip true}
:import #{
:alias { io
clojure.set set}
:refer {slam.hound.stitch #{ns-from-map}
clojure.test #{is deftest}
clojure.set #{union}}
:exclude {clojure.core #{compile test}}
:gen-class []}))))