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Slamhound rips your ns form apart and reconstructs it. No Dutch
surgeon required.
-Add `slamhound "1.2.0"` to the `:dependencies` of your `:user`
-profile. To use the Leiningen task, add `lein-slamhound
-"1.3.0-SNAPSHOT"` to the `:plugins` of your `:user` profile.
+Add `[slamhound "1.3.0-SNAPSHOT"]` to the `:dependencies` of your `:user` profile.
-Or if you use Leiningen 1.x, make it a user-level plugin:
+## Leiningen Usage
- $ lein plugin install slamhound 1.2.0
+Make an alias for `run -m slam.hound/reconstruct` in your `:user` profile:
-## Leiningen Usage
+ :aliases {"slamhound" ["run" "-m" "slam.hound/reconstruct"]}
Take a namespace with a sparse ns form that won't compile:
@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ Then run slamhound on it:
(ns my.namespace
"I have a doc string."
- (:use [clojure.pprint :only [pprint]])
- (:require [ :as io])
+ (:require [ :as io]
+ [clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]])
(:import ( ByteArrayInputStream)))
## Repl Usage
@@ -82,21 +82,37 @@ be loaded into Emacs automatically.
Emacs version 24 or greater is required.
-## The Rules
+TODO: port to nrepl.el
-Slamhound can only rebuild your namespace if it follows the rules and
-doesn't do anything too fancy. If your code depends upon a `:require`
-clause, the required namespace must be aliased `:as` the last segment
-of its name. Referring to fully-qualified vars is not supported. The
-only supported option to `:use` is `:only`.
+## Shortcomings
-## Future Plans
+Slamhound will only find references to vars in a namespace that are
+consumed within the namespace itself. For example, if you have a macro
+that refers to a var inside syntax-quote (backtick), but the macro is
+only called from other namespaces, then Slamhound won't detect the
+reference and will instead report the failure in the namespace in
+which the macro is called.
-* Better pretty-printing
-* Allow for custom disambiguator functions
+You can work around this problem by attaching dummy metadata to the
+`defmacro` form to prevent it from compiling without the necessary
+vars being present:
+(defmacro ^{:requires [a/b c/d]} let-qp [q p & body]
+ `(let [~'q a/b
+ ~'p c/d]
+ ~@body))
+## Leiningen 1.x
+If you are still using Leiningen 1.x you can use an older version
+of Slamhound:
+ $ lein plugin install slamhound 1.2.0
## License
-Copyright © 2011-2012 Phil Hagelberg
+Copyright © 2011-2012 Phil Hagelberg and contributors
Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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