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Only print stack trace if DEBUG is on; use more.

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commit 89b46ba73cca1a793484334350ec6d811d0ce1a2 1 parent a2a9c56
@technomancy authored
Showing with 14 additions and 23 deletions.
  1. +14 −23 src/slam/hound.clj
37 src/slam/hound.clj
@@ -5,7 +5,6 @@
[slam.hound.stitch :refer [stitch-up]])
(:import ( File FileReader PushbackReader)))
(defn reconstruct [filename]
;; Reconstructing consists of three distinct phases:
;; asploding, regrowing, and stitching.
@@ -14,38 +13,30 @@
-(defn- stacktrace-to-str [^Exception e]
- (cons (.getMessage e)
- (map #(str % "\n") (.getStackTrace e))))
-(defn- swap-in-reconstructed-ns-form [filename]
- (let [new-ns (.trim (reconstruct filename))
- rdr (PushbackReader. (FileReader. filename))]
- ;; scan past the namespace form
+(defn- swap-in-reconstructed-ns-form [file]
+ (let [new-ns (.trim (reconstruct file))
+ rdr (PushbackReader. (io/reader file))]
+ ;; move the reader past the namespace form; discard value
(read rdr)
;; copy in the reconstructed ns form
- (io/copy new-ns (File. filename))
+ (io/copy new-ns file)
;; append the body
- (with-open [writer (io/writer filename :append true)]
+ (with-open [writer (io/writer file :append true)]
(io/copy rdr writer))))
(defn reconstruct-in-place
"Takes a file or directory and rewrites the files
with reconstructed ns forms."
- (doseq [^File f (file-seq (if (string? file-or-dir)
- (File. file-or-dir)
- file-or-dir))
- :let [^String filename (.getName f)
- ^String file-path (.getAbsolutePath f)]
- :when (and (.endsWith filename ".clj")
- (not (.startsWith filename "."))
- (not= filename "project.clj"))]
+ (doseq [file (file-seq (io/file file-or-dir))
+ :when (re-find #"/[^\./]+\.clj" (str file))]
- (swap-in-reconstructed-ns-form file-path)
- (catch Exception ex
- (println (str "Failed to reconstruct: " file-path
- "\nException: " (stacktrace-to-str ex)))))))
+ (swap-in-reconstructed-ns-form file)
+ (catch Exception e
+ (println "Failed to reconstruct:" file)
+ (if (System/getenv "DEBUG")
+ (.printStackTrace e)
+ (println (.getMessage e)))))))
(defn -main [file-or-dir]
(reconstruct-in-place file-or-dir))
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