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better names for new code

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1 parent fae8b48 commit 9c63bf18fb1ced4721cfe62ce7dbe6a06d7f260d Alex Baranosky committed Dec 24, 2012
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  1. +5 −4 src/slam/hound/regrow.clj
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
(filter (complement coll?)
(rest (tree-seq coll? seq x))))
-(def ^:private attempted-vars-in-body
+(def ^:private ns-qualifed-syms
(memoize (fn [body]
(apply merge-with set/union {}
(for [value (uber-flatten body)
@@ -66,9 +66,10 @@
:when (= missing (last (.split class-name "\\.")))]
(symbol class-name))
:require-as (for [n (all-ns)
- :let [vars-with-alias (get (attempted-vars-in-body body) missing)]
- :when (seq vars-with-alias)
- :when (every? (set (keys (ns-publics n))) vars-with-alias)]
+ :let [syms-with-alias (get (ns-qualifed-syms body) missing)]
+ :when (seq syms-with-alias)
+ :when (every? (set (keys (ns-publics n)))
+ syms-with-alias)]
[(ns-name n) :as (symbol missing)])
:require-refer (for [n (all-ns)
[sym var] (ns-publics n)

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