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Update examples in README, mention PermGen space OOM condition

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guns committed Nov 24, 2013
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@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ Take a namespace with a sparse ns form that won't compile:
(defn -main [& args]
(pprint args)
(io/copy (ByteArrayInputStream. (.getBytes "hello"))
- (first args)))
+ (first args)))
Then run slamhound on it:
@@ -64,17 +64,23 @@ Running on a directory will perform the same operation on every .clj file inside
## Repl Usage
-You can do it manually from the repl to avoid the slow startup time:
+You can reconstruct namespaces from a repl to avoid the slow startup time:
- user=> (use 'slam.hound)
+ user=> (require '[slam.hound :refer [reconstruct]])
user=> (println (reconstruct "src/my/namespace.clj"))
(ns my.namespace
"I have a doc string."
- (:use [clojure.pprint :only [pprint]])
- (:require [ :as io])
+ (:require [ :as io]
+ [clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]])
(:import ( ByteArrayInputStream)))
+Or to reconstruct files in place:
+ user=> (slam.hound/-main "src/my/namespace.clj")
+ nil
+ ;; Reload the file in your editor to pick up changes
## Emacs Usage
The included `slamhound.el` allows for convenient access within nREPL
@@ -110,6 +116,18 @@ Slamhound will also not find references to fully-qualified vars or
vars resolved at runtime since it relies on detecting compilation
failures to determine when it's done.
+Slamhound aggressively loads all namespaces on the classpath on first
+invocation. This is computationally expensive, so first use may be slow,
+though subsequent calls should be relatively quick.
+This also taxes the class loading system, so there is a possibility that
+the JVM may run out of PermGen space in large projects. If this happens,
+try running your JVM with the following options:
+-Xmx5g -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:+CMSClassUnloadingEnabled -XX:MaxPermSize=128M
## Leiningen 1.x
The `lein-slamhound` plugin is deprecated, and the `:aliases` approach

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