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Slamhound rips your ns form apart and reconstructs it. No Dutch
surgeon required.
-Install it as a Leiningen plugin:
+Add `slamhound "1.2.0"` to the `:dependencies` of your `:user`
+profile. To use the Leiningen task, add `lein-slamhound
+"1.3.0-SNAPSHOT"` to the `:plugins` of your `:user` profile.
+Or if you use Leiningen 1.x, make it a user-level plugin:
$ lein plugin install slamhound 1.2.0
@@ -53,20 +57,9 @@ Then run slamhound on it:
(:require [ :as io])
(:import ( ByteArrayInputStream)))
-For large projects, it can be slow to re-run from the command-line
-since it has to load every namespace for every invocation. Leiningen's
-interactive task is one way to mitigate this:
- $ lein int
- Welcome to Leiningen. Type help for a list of commands.
- lein> slamhound src/my/namespace.clj
- [...]
-The first run will be slow, but successive runs will be quick.
## Repl Usage
-You can do it manually from the repl too:
+You can do it manually from the repl too to avoid the slow startup time:
user=> (use 'slam.hound)
@@ -104,6 +97,6 @@ only supported option to `:use` is `:only`.
## License
-Copyright © 2011 Phil Hagelberg
+Copyright © 2011-2012 Phil Hagelberg
Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.
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