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slamhound.el calls just-one-space w/ a negative argument to also delete newlines around point. This feature of just-one-space was added in Emacs 24, so slamhound.el cannot be used with older Emacsen.

This is somewhat unfortunate given that Emacs 24 hasn't been released yet.


I should add that calling just-one-space w/ a negative argument in Emacs 23 deletes all spaces. This is why slamhound.el cannot be used w/ older Emacsen.


Good catch; thanks.

@technomancy technomancy merged commit b6ac574 into technomancy:master
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@@ -83,6 +83,8 @@ The included slamhound.el allows for convenient access within Slime
sessions via M-x slamhound as well as running it over an entire
project with M-x slamhound-project.
+Emacs version 24 or greater is required.
## The Rules
Slamhound can only rebuild your namespace if it follows the rules and
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