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contrib Add Adapted-by header and slime-repl dependency. Oct 17, 2009
doc Fix typo: swank-backend::preferred-communication-style isn't exported. Oct 10, 2009
ChangeLog * slime.el (slime-current-package): Move REPL stuff to contrib. Oct 15, 2009
HACKING Mention docstrings. Jun 4, 2009
PROBLEMS Mention READ-CHAR-NO-HANG brokeness. Nov 20, 2005
hyperspec.el * hyperspec.el (common-lisp-hyperspec-lookup-reader-macro): Use Mar 9, 2009
metering.lisp Added public domain dedication. Aug 29, 2005
nregex.lisp Released into the public domain by Lawrence E. Freil. Sep 19, 2005
sbcl-pprint-patch.lisp New file, adds the annotations feature to the SBCL pretty printer. Feb 17, 2006
slime-autoloads.el Add autoload comments to slime.el. Oct 16, 2009
slime.el Fall back to traditional method if version can't be determined throug… Nov 14, 2010
swank-abcl.lisp * swank-abcl.lisp (thread-description): Fix typo. Sep 20, 2009
swank-allegro.lisp * swank-backend.lisp (frame-source-location): Renamed from Jun 21, 2009
swank-backend.lisp Generalize M-? (or M-_ respectively.) Sep 20, 2009
swank-clisp.lisp * swank-clisp.lisp: Clisp 2.48 experimentally supports threads. So Jul 30, 2009
swank-cmucl.lisp Separate context info from compiler message text. Aug 10, 2009
swank-corman.lisp * swank-backend.lisp (frame-source-location): Renamed from Jun 21, 2009
swank-ecl.lisp 2009-07-27 Geo Carncross <> Jul 27, 2009
swank-gray.lisp * swank-backend.lisp (make-input-stream): Remove make-fn-streams. Aug 31, 2008
swank-lispworks.lisp swank-lispworks.lisp (replace-strings-with-symbols): Didn't work on Sep 28, 2009
swank-loader.lisp * swank-loader.lisp (lisp-version-string): Include "-ics" for Sep 8, 2009
swank-sbcl.lisp * swank-sbcl.lisp (call-with-debugger-hook): Correctly deal with Sep 26, 2009
swank-scl.lisp Separate context info from compiler message text. Aug 10, 2009
swank-source-file-cache.lisp * swank-source-file-cache.lisp (read-snippet-from-string): New. May 9, 2009
swank-source-path-parser.lisp guard agains source path mapping hitting reader errors May 19, 2009
swank.asd * swank.asd (asdf:perform): don't call `swank-loader:init' with Aug 9, 2009
swank.lisp * swank.lisp (stop-server): (list-threads) returns threads offset by 1, Oct 9, 2009 Added public domain dedication. Aug 29, 2005 * Return the number of failed tests as exit code. Oct 26, 2008
xref.lisp Renamed XREF package to PXREF (P for portable). This makes it possible May 17, 2004



  SLIME is the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Emacs. It is
  implemented in two main parts: the Emacs Lisp side (slime.el), and
  the support library for the Common Lisp (swank.lisp and swank-*.lisp)

  For a real description, see the manual in doc/

Quick setup instructions

  Add this to your ~/.emacs file and fill in the appropriate filenames:

    (add-to-list 'load-path "~/hacking/lisp/slime/")  ; your SLIME directory
    (setq inferior-lisp-program "/opt/sbcl/bin/sbcl") ; your Lisp system
    (require 'slime)

  Make sure your `inferior-lisp-program' is set to a compatible
  version of Lisp.

  Use `M-x' slime to fire up and connect to an inferior Lisp.
  SLIME will now automatically be available in your Lisp source


  SLIME is free software. All files, unless explicitly stated
  otherwise, are public domain.


  Questions and comments are best directed to the mailing list:

  The mailing list archive is also available on Gmane:

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