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;;;; -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;; swank-ecl.lisp --- SLIME backend for ECL.
;;; This code has been placed in the Public Domain. All warranties
;;; are disclaimed.
;;; Administrivia
(in-package :swank-backend)
(declaim (optimize (debug 3)))
(defvar *tmp*)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(if (find-package :gray)
(import-from :gray *gray-stream-symbols* :swank-backend)
(import-from :ext *gray-stream-symbols* :swank-backend))
(swank-backend::import-swank-mop-symbols :clos
;;;; TCP Server
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(require 'sockets))
(defun resolve-hostname (name)
(car (sb-bsd-sockets:host-ent-addresses
(sb-bsd-sockets:get-host-by-name name))))
(defimplementation create-socket (host port)
(let ((socket (make-instance 'sb-bsd-sockets:inet-socket
:type :stream
:protocol :tcp)))
(setf (sb-bsd-sockets:sockopt-reuse-address socket) t)
(sb-bsd-sockets:socket-bind socket (resolve-hostname host) port)
(sb-bsd-sockets:socket-listen socket 5)
(defimplementation local-port (socket)
(nth-value 1 (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-name socket)))
(defimplementation close-socket (socket)
(sb-bsd-sockets:socket-close socket))
(defimplementation accept-connection (socket
&key external-format
buffering timeout)
(declare (ignore buffering timeout external-format))
(make-socket-io-stream (accept socket)))
(defun make-socket-io-stream (socket)
(sb-bsd-sockets:socket-make-stream socket
:output t
:input t
:element-type 'base-char))
(defun accept (socket)
"Like socket-accept, but retry on EAGAIN."
(loop (handler-case
(return (sb-bsd-sockets:socket-accept socket))
(sb-bsd-sockets:interrupted-error ()))))
(defimplementation preferred-communication-style ()
(values nil))
(defvar *external-format-to-coding-system*
"latin-1" "latin-1-unix" "iso-latin-1-unix"
"iso-8859-1" "iso-8859-1-unix")
(:utf-8 "utf-8" "utf-8-unix")))
(defimplementation find-external-format (coding-system)
(car (rassoc-if (lambda (x) (member coding-system x :test #'equal))
;;;; Unix signals
(defimplementation install-sigint-handler (handler)
(let ((old-handler (symbol-function 'si:terminal-interrupt)))
(setf (symbol-function 'si:terminal-interrupt)
(if (consp handler)
(car handler)
(lambda (&rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(funcall handler)
(list old-handler)))
(defimplementation getpid ()
(defimplementation set-default-directory (directory)
(ext::chdir (namestring directory))
;; Setting *default-pathname-defaults* to an absolute directory
;; makes the behavior of MERGE-PATHNAMES a bit more intuitive.
(setf *default-pathname-defaults* (ext::getcwd))
(defimplementation default-directory ()
(namestring (ext:getcwd)))
(defimplementation quit-lisp ()
;;;; Compilation
(defvar *buffer-name* nil)
(defvar *buffer-start-position*)
(defvar *buffer-string*)
(defvar *compile-filename*)
(defun signal-compiler-condition (&rest args)
(signal (apply #'make-condition 'compiler-condition args)))
(defun handle-compiler-warning (condition)
:original-condition condition
:message (format nil "~A" condition)
:severity :warning
(if *buffer-name*
(make-location (list :buffer *buffer-name*)
(list :offset *buffer-start-position* 0))
;; ;; compiler::*current-form*
;; (if compiler::*current-function*
;; (make-location (list :file *compile-filename*)
;; (list :function-name
;; (symbol-name
;; (slot-value compiler::*current-function*
;; 'compiler::name))))
(list :error "No location found.")
;; )
(defimplementation call-with-compilation-hooks (function)
(handler-bind ((warning #'handle-compiler-warning))
(funcall function)))
(defimplementation swank-compile-file (input-file output-file
load-p external-format)
(declare (ignore external-format))
(with-compilation-hooks ()
(let ((*buffer-name* nil)
(*compile-filename* input-file))
(compile-file input-file :output-file output-file :load t))))
(defimplementation swank-compile-string (string &key buffer position filename
(declare (ignore filename policy))
(with-compilation-hooks ()
(let ((*buffer-name* buffer)
(*buffer-start-position* position)
(*buffer-string* string))
(with-input-from-string (s string)
(not (nth-value 2 (compile-from-stream s :load t)))))))
(defun compile-from-stream (stream &rest args)
(let ((file (si::mkstemp "TMP:ECLXXXXXX")))
(with-open-file (s file :direction :output :if-exists :overwrite)
(do ((line (read-line stream nil) (read-line stream nil)))
((not line))
(write-line line s)))
(apply #'compile-file file args)
(delete-file file))))
;;;; Documentation
(defun grovel-docstring-for-arglist (name type)
(flet ((compute-arglist-offset (docstring)
(when docstring
(let ((pos1 (search "Args: " docstring)))
(if pos1
(+ pos1 6)
(let ((pos2 (search "Syntax: " docstring)))
(when pos2
(+ pos2 8))))))))
(let* ((docstring (si::get-documentation name type))
(pos (compute-arglist-offset docstring)))
(if pos
(multiple-value-bind (arglist errorp)
(values (read-from-string docstring t nil :start pos)))
(if (or errorp (not (listp arglist)))
(cdr arglist)))
:not-available ))))
(defimplementation arglist (name)
(cond ((special-operator-p name)
(grovel-docstring-for-arglist name 'function))
((macro-function name)
(grovel-docstring-for-arglist name 'function))
((or (functionp name) (fboundp name))
(multiple-value-bind (name fndef)
(if (functionp name)
(values (function-name name) name)
(values name (fdefinition name)))
(typecase fndef
(clos::generic-function-lambda-list fndef))
(grovel-docstring-for-arglist name 'function))
(let ((fle (function-lambda-expression fndef)))
(case (car fle)
(si:lambda-block (caddr fle))
(t :not-available)))))))
(t :not-available)))
(defimplementation function-name (f)
(si:compiled-function-name f))
(defimplementation macroexpand-all (form)
;;; FIXME! This is not the same as a recursive macroexpansion!
(macroexpand form))
(defimplementation describe-symbol-for-emacs (symbol)
(let ((result '()))
(dolist (type '(:VARIABLE :FUNCTION :CLASS))
(let ((doc (describe-definition symbol type)))
(when doc
(setf result (list* type doc result)))))
(defimplementation describe-definition (name type)
(case type
(:variable (documentation name 'variable))
(:function (documentation name 'function))
(:class (documentation name 'class))
(t nil)))
;;; Debugging
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defvar *backtrace* '())
(defun in-swank-package-p (x)
(symbolp x)
(member (symbol-package x)
(list #.(find-package :swank)
#.(find-package :swank-backend)
#.(ignore-errors (find-package :swank-mop))
#.(ignore-errors (find-package :swank-loader))))
(defun is-swank-source-p (name)
(setf name (pathname name))
(make-pathname :defaults swank-loader::*source-directory*
:name (pathname-name name)
:type (pathname-type name)
:version (pathname-version name))))
(defun is-ignorable-fun-p (x)
(in-swank-package-p (frame-name x))
(multiple-value-bind (file position)
(ignore-errors (si::bc-file (car x)))
(declare (ignore position))
(if file (is-swank-source-p file)))))
#+#.(swank-backend::with-symbol '+ECL-VERSION-NUMBER+ 'EXT)
(defmacro find-ihs-top (x)
(if (< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 90601)
`(si::ihs-top ,x)
#-#.(swank-backend::with-symbol '+ECL-VERSION-NUMBER+ 'EXT)
(defmacro find-ihs-top (x)
`(si::ihs-top ,x))
(defimplementation call-with-debugging-environment (debugger-loop-fn)
(declare (type function debugger-loop-fn))
(let* ((*tpl-commands* si::tpl-commands)
(*ihs-top* (find-ihs-top 'call-with-debugging-environment))
(*ihs-current* *ihs-top*)
(*frs-base* (or (sch-frs-base *frs-top* *ihs-base*) (1+ (frs-top))))
(*frs-top* (frs-top))
(*read-suppress* nil)
(*tpl-level* (1+ *tpl-level*))
(*backtrace* (loop for ihs from 0 below *ihs-top*
collect (list (si::ihs-fun ihs)
(si::ihs-env ihs)
(declare (special *ihs-current*))
(loop for f from *frs-base* until *frs-top*
do (let ((i (- (si::frs-ihs f) *ihs-base* 1)))
(when (plusp i)
(let* ((x (elt *backtrace* i))
(name (si::frs-tag f)))
(unless (si::fixnump name)
(push name (third x)))))))
(setf *backtrace* (remove-if #'is-ignorable-fun-p (nreverse *backtrace*)))
(setf *tmp* *backtrace*)
(let ((*ihs-base* *ihs-top*))
(funcall debugger-loop-fn))))
(defimplementation call-with-debugger-hook (hook fun)
(let ((*debugger-hook* hook)
(*ihs-base* (find-ihs-top 'call-with-debugger-hook)))
(funcall fun)))
(defimplementation compute-backtrace (start end)
(when (numberp end)
(setf end (min end (length *backtrace*))))
(loop for f in (subseq *backtrace* start end)
collect f))
(defun frame-name (frame)
(let ((x (first frame)))
(if (symbolp x)
(function-name x))))
(defun function-position (fun)
(multiple-value-bind (file position)
(si::bc-file fun)
(and file (make-location `(:file ,file) `(:position ,position)))))
(defun frame-function (frame)
(let* ((x (first frame))
fun position)
(etypecase x
(symbol (and (fboundp x)
(setf fun (fdefinition x)
position (function-position fun))))
(function (setf fun x position (function-position x))))
(values fun position)))
(defun frame-decode-env (frame)
(let ((functions '())
(blocks '())
(variables '()))
#+#.(swank-backend::with-symbol '+ECL-VERSION-NUMBER+ 'EXT)
#.(if (< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 90601)
'(setf frame (second frame))
'(setf frame (si::decode-ihs-env (second frame))))
#-#.(swank-backend::with-symbol '+ECL-VERSION-NUMBER+ 'EXT)
'(setf frame (second frame))
(dolist (record frame)
(let* ((record0 (car record))
(record1 (cdr record)))
(cond ((or (symbolp record0) (stringp record0))
(setq variables (acons record0 record1 variables)))
((not (si::fixnump record0))
(push record1 functions))
((symbolp record1)
(push record1 blocks))
(values functions blocks variables)))
(defimplementation print-frame (frame stream)
(format stream "~A" (first frame)))
(defimplementation frame-source-location (frame-number)
(nth-value 1 (frame-function (elt *backtrace* frame-number))))
(defimplementation frame-catch-tags (frame-number)
(third (elt *backtrace* frame-number)))
(defimplementation frame-locals (frame-number)
(loop for (name . value) in (nth-value 2 (frame-decode-env (elt *backtrace* frame-number)))
with i = 0
collect (list :name name :id (prog1 i (incf i)) :value value)))
(defimplementation frame-var-value (frame-number var-id)
(elt (nth-value 2 (frame-decode-env (elt *backtrace* frame-number)))
(defimplementation disassemble-frame (frame-number)
(let ((fun (frame-fun (elt *backtrace* frame-number))))
(disassemble fun)))
(defimplementation eval-in-frame (form frame-number)
(let ((env (second (elt *backtrace* frame-number))))
(si:eval-with-env form env)))
;;;; Inspector
(defmethod emacs-inspect ((o t))
; ecl clos support leaves some to be desired
((streamp o)
(format nil "~S is an ordinary stream~%" o)
"Open for "
((ignore-errors (interactive-stream-p o)) "Interactive")
((and (input-stream-p o) (output-stream-p o)) "Input and output")
((input-stream-p o) "Input")
((output-stream-p o) "Output"))
`(:newline) `(:newline))
("Element type" (stream-element-type o))
("External format" (stream-external-format o)))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Broadcast streams" (broadcast-stream-streams o))))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Concatenated streams" (concatenated-stream-streams o))))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Echo input stream" (echo-stream-input-stream o))))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Echo output stream" (echo-stream-output-stream o))))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Output String" (get-output-stream-string o))))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Synonym symbol" (synonym-stream-symbol o))))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Input stream" (two-way-stream-input-stream o))))
(ignore-errors (label-value-line*
("Output stream" (two-way-stream-output-stream o)))))))
(let* ((cl (si:instance-class o))
(slots (clos:class-slots cl)))
(list* (format nil "~S is an instance of class ~A~%"
o (clos::class-name cl))
(loop for x in slots append
(let* ((name (clos:slot-definition-name x))
(value (clos::slot-value o name)))
(format nil "~S: " name)
`(:value ,value)
;;;; Definitions
(defimplementation find-definitions (name)
(if (fboundp name)
(let ((tmp (find-source-location (symbol-function name))))
`(((defun ,name) ,tmp)))))
(defimplementation find-source-location (obj)
(setf *tmp* obj)
(typecase obj
(multiple-value-bind (file pos) (ignore-errors (si::bc-file obj))
(if (and file pos)
`(:file ,(namestring file))
`(:position ,pos)
,(with-open-file (s file)
#+#.(swank-backend::with-symbol '+ECL-VERSION-NUMBER+ 'EXT)
(if (< ext:+ecl-version-number+ 90601)
(skip-toplevel-forms pos s)
(file-position s pos))
#-#.(swank-backend::with-symbol '+ECL-VERSION-NUMBER+ 'EXT)
(skip-toplevel-forms pos s)
(skip-comments-and-whitespace s)
(read-snippet s))))))))
`(:error (format nil "Source definition of ~S not found" obj))))
;;;; Profiling
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(require 'profile))
(defimplementation profile (fname)
(when fname (eval `(profile:profile ,fname))))
(defimplementation unprofile (fname)
(when fname (eval `(profile:unprofile ,fname))))
(defimplementation unprofile-all ()
"All functions unprofiled.")
(defimplementation profile-report ()
(defimplementation profile-reset ()
"Reset profiling counters.")
(defimplementation profiled-functions ()
(defimplementation profile-package (package callers methods)
(declare (ignore callers methods))
(eval `(profile:profile ,(package-name (find-package package)))))
;;;; Threads
(defvar *thread-id-counter* 0)
(defvar *thread-id-counter-lock*
(mp:make-lock :name "thread id counter lock"))
(defun next-thread-id ()
(mp:with-lock (*thread-id-counter-lock*)
(incf *thread-id-counter*)))
(defparameter *thread-id-map* (make-hash-table))
(defparameter *id-thread-map* (make-hash-table))
(defvar *thread-id-map-lock*
(mp:make-lock :name "thread id map lock"))
; ecl doesn't have weak pointers
(defimplementation spawn (fn &key name)
(let ((thread (mp:make-process :name name))
(id (next-thread-id)))
#'(lambda ()
(mp:with-lock (*thread-id-map-lock*)
(setf (gethash id *thread-id-map*) thread)
(setf (gethash thread *id-thread-map*) id))
(funcall fn)
(mp:with-lock (*thread-id-map-lock*)
(remhash thread *id-thread-map*)
(remhash id *thread-id-map*)))))
(mp:process-enable thread)))
(defimplementation thread-id (thread)
(block thread-id
(mp:with-lock (*thread-id-map-lock*)
(or (gethash thread *id-thread-map*)
(let ((id (next-thread-id)))
(setf (gethash id *thread-id-map*) thread)
(setf (gethash thread *id-thread-map*) id)
(defimplementation find-thread (id)
(mp:with-lock (*thread-id-map-lock*)
(gethash id *thread-id-map*)))
(defimplementation thread-name (thread)
(mp:process-name thread))
(defimplementation thread-status (thread)
(if (mp:process-active-p thread)
(defimplementation make-lock (&key name)
(mp:make-lock :name name))
(defimplementation call-with-lock-held (lock function)
(declare (type function function))
(mp:with-lock (lock) (funcall function)))
(defimplementation current-thread ()
(defimplementation all-threads ()
(defimplementation interrupt-thread (thread fn)
(mp:interrupt-process thread fn))
(defimplementation kill-thread (thread)
(mp:process-kill thread))
(defimplementation thread-alive-p (thread)
(mp:process-active-p thread))
(defvar *mailbox-lock* (mp:make-lock :name "mailbox lock"))
(defstruct (mailbox (:conc-name mailbox.))
(mutex (mp:make-lock :name "process mailbox"))
(queue '() :type list))
(defun mailbox (thread)
"Return THREAD's mailbox."
(mp:with-lock (*mailbox-lock*)
(or (find thread *mailboxes* :key #'mailbox.thread)
(let ((mb (make-mailbox :thread thread)))
(push mb *mailboxes*)
(defimplementation send (thread message)
(let* ((mbox (mailbox thread))
(mutex (mailbox.mutex mbox)))
(lambda ()
(mp:with-lock (mutex)
(setf (mailbox.queue mbox)
(nconc (mailbox.queue mbox) (list message))))))))
(defimplementation receive ()
(block got-mail
(let* ((mbox (mailbox mp:*current-process*))
(mutex (mailbox.mutex mbox)))
(mp:with-lock (mutex)
(if (mailbox.queue mbox)
(return-from got-mail (pop (mailbox.queue mbox)))))
;interrupt-process will halt this if it takes longer than 1sec
(sleep 1)))))
(defmethod stream-finish-output ((stream stream))
(finish-output stream))