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(ns leiningen.swank
"Launch swank server for Emacs to connect."
(:require [ :as io]))
(defn opts-list [project-opts port host cli-opts]
(apply concat (merge {:repl-out-root true :block true
:host "localhost" :port 4005}
(apply hash-map (map read-string cli-opts))
(if host {:host host})
(if port {:port (Integer. port)}))))
(defn swank-form [project port host cli-opts]
;; bootclasspath workaround:
(when (:eval-in-leiningen project)
(require '[clojure walk template stacktrace]))
(when-let [repl-init# '~(:repl-init project)]
(require repl-init#))
(swank.swank/start-server ~@(opts-list (:swank-options project)
port host cli-opts))))
(def ^{:private true} jvm-opts
(defn- add-cdt-jvm-opts [project]
(if (seq (filter #(re-find #"jdwp" %)
(:jvm-opts project)))
(update-in project [:jvm-opts] conj jvm-opts)))
(defn add-cdt-project-args
"CDT requires the JDK's tools.jar and sa-jdi.jar. Add them to the classpath."
(if (:swank-cdt project true)
(let [libdir (io/file (System/getProperty "java.home") ".." "lib")
extra-cp (for [j ["tools.jar" "sa-jdi.jar"]
:when (.exists (io/file libdir j))]
(.getAbsolutePath (io/file libdir j)))]
(-> project
(update-in [:extra-classpath-dirs] concat extra-cp)
(defn eval-in-project
"Support eval-in-project in both Leiningen 1.x and 2.x."
[project form init]
(let [[eip two?] (or (try (require 'leiningen.core.eval)
[(resolve 'leiningen.core.eval/eval-in-project)
(catch _))
(try (require 'leiningen.compile)
[(resolve 'leiningen.compile/eval-in-project)]
(catch _)))]
(if two?
(eip project form init)
(eip project form nil nil init))))
(defn add-swank-dep [project]
(if (some #(= 'swank-clojure (first %)) (:dependencies project))
(update-in project [:dependencies] conj ['swank-clojure "1.4.3"])))
(defn swank
"Launch swank server for Emacs to connect. Optionally takes PORT and HOST."
([project port host & opts]
;; TODO: only add the dependency if it's not already present
(eval-in-project (-> project
(swank-form project port host opts)
'(require 'swank.swank)))
([project port] (swank project port nil))
([project] (swank project nil)))