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Added support for registration of environments for ClojureScript eval…

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blais committed May 20, 2012
1 parent db10ee4 commit 03b463998058fa257ad66eb17f2c708af38ae1a6
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  1. +20 −36 src/swank/commands/cljs.clj
  2. +1 −1 src/swank/swank.clj
@@ -1,59 +1,43 @@
(ns ^{:doc "Support for sending evaluation of forms into a ClojureScript repl."}
- swank.cljsrepl
+ swank.commands.cljs
(:use [swank.core :only (with-emacs-package)]
[swank.commands :onlny (defslimefn)])
(:require [cljs.repl :as repl]
[cljs.repl.browser :as browser]
[cljs.compiler :as comp])
-(def cljs-env "Global cljs environment for a repl." (atom nil))
+(def cljs-targets "A mapping of registered repl environments which can be used as targets." (atom {}))
-;; FIXME: this sucks, I wish I didn't need a thread. Need to expose better
-;; access to cljs repl over there.
-(defn- make-env
- "Create a new ClojureScript browser repl and run it in a background thread."
- []
- (let [env (browser/repl-env), ;; FIXME: we should allow customization
- thread (Thread. (fn [] (repl/repl env)))]
- (.start thread)
- env))
+(defn register-repl
+ "Register a new REPL environment for interactive-eval-with-target to dispatch to."
+ [key env]
+ (swap! cljs-targets assoc key env))
-(defn eval-in-cljs [form-string]
- ;; Create a repl as global on demand, if not already started.
- ;; FIXME: not sure if we want to do this automatically in the future.
- (when-not @cljs-env (swap! cljs-env (fn [_] (make-env))))
+(defn eval-in-cljs
+ "Evaluate the given string in the provided ClojureScript repl environment."
+ [env form-string]
(let [form (read-string form-string),
;; Note: the following is lifted from cljs.repl.browser; FIXME: we
;; should add support there to do this without a repl thread.
context {:context :statement
:locals {}
:ns (@comp/namespaces comp/*cljs-ns*)}]
- #_(.println System/out form)
- ;; FIXME: we need to report error when no browser is connected, send to
- ;; thread, etc.
- (repl/evaluate-form @cljs-env context "<swank-cljs-repl>" form)
+ (repl/evaluate-form env context "<swank-cljs-repl>" form)
-(defslimefn ^{:doc"Evaluate a Clojure form in a global ClojureScript environment."}
+(defslimefn ^{:doc "Evaluate a Clojure form in a ClojureScript environment."}
interactive-eval-with-target [target form-string]
- (condp = target
- :cljs-repl (eval-in-cljs form-string)
- ;; Note: eventually add support for other repls.
- (:abort (throw (Exception. (format "Emacs eval abort - Invalid eval target '%s'" target)))))
- )
+ (let [env (get @cljs-targets target)]
+ (if env
+ (eval-in-cljs env form-string)
+ (throw (Exception.
+ (format "Emacs eval abort; eval target '%s' not found" target)))
+ )))
-;; Required emacs configuration:
-;; You will have to insert this advice in your .emacs in order to instruct
-;; slime to use an alternative target for evaluation.
-;; (defadvice slime-interactive-eval (around slime-current-eval-target activate)
-;; (if (string-match "\\.cljs$" (buffer-file-name))
-;; (slime-eval-with-transcript `(swank:interactive-eval-with-target :cljs-repl ,string))
-;; ad-do-it))
+;; Note: you will need an Emacs customization that overrides
+;; slime-interactive-eval tocall (swank:interactive-eval-with-target) instead of
+;; (swank:interactive-eval), such as is provided in clojure-mode.el.
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
[clojure.main :only [repl]])
(:require [swank.commands]
[swank.commands basic indent completion
- contrib inspector cljs]) ;; FIXME: I'll remove this and make it more explicit later
+ contrib inspector])
(:import [java.lang System Thread]
[ File])

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