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Made xref support more robust.

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commit 157be6ee878d923f7d11a635762c9fa65d346013 1 parent c1bf5b5
@tcrayford tcrayford authored
Showing with 34 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +34 −2 src/swank/commands/xref.clj
36 src/swank/commands/xref.clj
@@ -23,9 +23,41 @@ Example: (get-source-from-var 'filter)"
(read (PushbackReader. pbr))
(str text))))))
+(defn- contains-sub-nodes? [tree]
+ (or (sequential? tree) (map? tree)))
+(defn- expand-sub-nodes [tree]
+ (if (map? tree)
+ (interleave (keys tree) (vals tree))
+ (seq tree)))
+(defn- sub-nodes [tree]
+ (tree-seq contains-sub-nodes?
+ expand-sub-nodes tree))
+(defn- regex? [obj]
+ (= (class obj) java.util.regex.Pattern))
+(defn- replace-with-string [node]
+ (if (regex? node)
+ (.toString node)
+ node))
+(defn- replace-regex [coll]
+ "Returns a copy of coll with all regex replaced by the string given by calling toString on them"
+ (postwalk
+ replace-with-string
+ coll))
+(defn- maybe-replace-regex [obj]
+ (if (seq? obj)
+ (replace-regex obj)
+ obj))
(defn- recursive-contains? [coll obj]
- "True if coll contains obj. Obj can't be a seq"
- (not (empty? (filter #(= obj %) (flatten coll)))))
+ "True if coll contains obj at some level of nesting"
+ (some #{(maybe-replace-regex obj)}
+ (sub-nodes (maybe-replace-regex coll))))
(defn- does-var-call-fn [var fn]
"Checks if a var calls a function named 'fn"
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