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Trace var is failing (Var cannot be cast to Named) #102

emkayonline opened this Issue January 19, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants

Tavis Rudd

This problem is caused due to the first let in swank.commands.basic /trace-fn-call.

This let isn't needed and when it is removed (and sum is renamed to frame) tracing works.

Interestingly the line is commented in the source with:

;; what is the point of this?


Tavis Rudd

@emkayonline the "what is the point of this" comment was from me. Looking at the code again now I see that only user of that function is actually passing in a var rather than a symbol as you would expect from the arg name. So some conversion is required. swank-toggle-trace was using the name 'sym' for a var. untrace-all was also confused. I've just fixed all three.

Tavis Rudd tavisrudd closed this in b2166d0 January 20, 2012
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