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clojure-jack-in fails with error in slime-face-inheritance-possible-p #78

tensorpudding opened this Issue Nov 8, 2011 · 7 comments

6 participants


Using Emacs, with clojure 1.3.0, swank-clojure 1.4.0-SNAPSHOT, I get:

error in process filter: Symbol's function definition is void: slime-face-inheritance-possible-p

when trying to run clojure-jack-in about 75% of the times I try.


Does it go from working to breaking within a single Emacs instance, or is this on separate runs?


It recurred across several different runs.


Though, I've discovered if you run "lein swank" and then M-x slime-connect, then close the swank session and do a M-x clojure-jack-in, it will work. But if you close and restart emacs and run M-x clojure-jack-in, it fails.


@tensorpudding Are you still having this problem with version 1.4.0?


When having this error last night, I noticed that ~/.emacs.d/swank/slime-$SOMEHEX.el (the file containing slime-face-inheritance-possible-p) was truncated. I deleted ~/.emacs.d/swank/ and reinstalled swank-clojure and clojure-mode, and the problem went away.

Raynes commented May 12, 2012

I can reproduce this on a freshly installed Precise Pangolin.

base698 commented Aug 3, 2015

Fails for me as well. It actually works on the initial load after a fresh install with M-x list-packages. After I shutdown emacs and reload it fails.

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