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Try .toString on current-exception before defaulting to "No message." #133

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Some Exceptions have a null message but toString provides valuable information. Cassandra's InvalidRequestException is an example.

This change tries .getMessage, then .toString before defaulting to "No message."


Thanks, but I'm actually ceasing maintainership of swank in favour of nrepl.el and ritz, which are seeing much more active development effort.

I'll go ahead and merge this, but I don't have any plans to make a further release.

@technomancy technomancy merged commit 0ad6636 into from
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  1. +3 −1 src/swank/core.clj
4 src/swank/core.clj
@@ -142,7 +142,9 @@ values."
(map #(exception-str width %) (.getStackTrace #^Throwable t)))))
(defmethod debugger-condition-for-emacs :default []
- (list (or (.getMessage #^Throwable *current-exception*) "No message.")
+ (list (or (.getMessage #^Throwable *current-exception*)
+ (.toString #^Throwable *current-exception*)
+ "No message.")
(str " [Thrown " (class *current-exception*) "]")
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