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{:leiningen {:name "Leiningen"
:url ""
:description "A build tool for Clojure designed not to set your hair on fire."}
:clojure-mode {:name "Clojure Mode"
:url ""
:description "Emacs support for editing Clojure files."}
:swank-clojure {:name "Swank Clojure"
:url ""
:description "A SLIME adapter for communicating with Clojure subprocesses from Emacs."}
:clojure-gem {:name "Clojure Gem"
:url ""
:description "An adapter for using Clojure's immutable data structures and software transactional memory from JRuby."}
:clojure-http-client {:name "Clojure HTTP Client"
:url ""
:description "What it says on the box."}
:mire {:name "Mire"
:url ""
:description "A multiplayer text adventure and learning project."}
:clj-kdtree {:name "clj-kdtree"
:url ""
:description "kd-trees in Clojure."}
:clojurebot {:name "clojurebot"
:url ""
:description "irc bot for #clojure"}
:Repl {:name "Repl"
:url ""
:description "Gui repl"}
{:name "clojure-dependency-grapher"
:url ""
:description "generate dot (graphviz) files describing dependencies"}
{:name "Serializable Fn"
:url ""
:description "Make your functions print prettily!"}
{:name "Robert Hooke"
:url ""
:description "A generalized function extensibility mechanism for plugins."}
{:name "Amontillado"
:url ""
:description "bitcask inspired storage for clojure"}
{:name "cellar"
:url ""
:description "an abstraction over key value stores"}
{:name "Arkham"
:url ""
:description "a lisp interpreter"}
{:name "graft"
:url ""
:description "translate uris to functions for ring"}
{:name "Chinese Democracy"
:url ""
:description "Master^H^H^H^H^H^HChairman Election"}
{:name "Cabeza de Vaca"
:url ""
:description "Embark on a voyage of discovery… Local network discovery."}
{:name "Radagast"
:url ""
:description "Simplistic test coverage"}
{:name "Reducate"
:url ""
:description "A reduce-like macro."}
{:name "lein-hadoop"
:url ""
:description "leiningen plugin for generating hadoop-compatible jars."}
{:name "Slamhound"
:url ""
:description "Blow your namespace to bits and reconstruct it from the pieces."}
{:name "emacs-clojure-vagrant"
:url ""
:description "An easy development environment for clojure."}
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