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  <img src='/i/headshot.jpg' alt='portrait' class='portrait' align='right' />

  <p>My name is Phil Hagelberg, and this is my blog. I am a
   hacker-errant blessed to work with <a href='/projects'>free
   software written in interesting languages</a>. I try to post here
   monthly. Though it should be obvious, I remind readers that my
   opinions expressed here are my own rather than those
   of <a href="">my employer</a>.</p>

  <p>Feel free to <a href="/list">peruse the archives</a>.</p>

  <p>I <a href="">microblog</a> as the
    fancy strikes me. </p>

  <p>My code is <a href=''>on Github</a>.</p>

  <p>Posts are typed using the Dvorak keyboard layout into GNU Emacs
  on a Lenovo Thinkpad running Debian GNU/Linux. They are published
  via <a href=''>a 93-line

  <p>I <a href='/books'>read voraciously</a>.</p>

  <p>To contact me, use my first name at this domain. Sensitive data
    may be encrypted for my <a href="/technomancy-pubkey.gpg">public

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