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timestamp: 2005-10-31 09:53:12
title: the little things in life
tags: ubuntu
id: 12
content: "<p>During a conversation on #epiphany over the quickest way to open bookmarks in a new tab: </p>\n\
<pre class='irc'> (09:49:43) technomancy: i can see that it would be useful to (say)\n hold down CTRL while you open a bookmark to open it in a new tab\n (09:49:54) technomancy: in fact, that would be pretty sweet, \n though nigh undiscoverable\n \n [...]\n \n (09:50:09) technomancy: whoa--it already does that!\n </pre>\n\
<p>It's really funny how often these epiphanies happen. \"They should make it&mdash;oh, it does already.\"</p> "