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timestamp: Tue Dec 23 18:36:57 2008
title: in which a peepcode is released
tags: "emacs projects"
id: 120
content: |-
<p>Well, it's finally out! I'm proud to announce that the Peepcode
screencast I <a href='/119'>mentioned earlier</a> has been
released and is
<a href=''>available for
download at</a>: an hour's worth of high-bandwidth
knowledge transfer as only Mr. Grosenbach can deliver.</p>
<a href=''><img src='/i/emacs-peepcode.png'
alt='meet emacs' align='right' /></a>
<p>You can see a list of topics it covers on the download page. It
killed me how much I had to cut to make it fit in an hour!
Fortunately the video comes with a document containing a full
transcript including scenes that had to be cut, so you can still
benefit from those parts.</p>
far <a href=''>the
response has been very positive</a>. It's great to have this out
for folks to get started with. I also can't neglect to mention
what a pleasure working with Peepcode has been; the whole
authoring process is very streamlined, and the deal they offer is
very generous.</p>
<p>I hope you enjoy the video.</p>