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timestamp: Fri 24 Apr 2009 09:30:08 PM PDT
title: in which codes are peeped at, in clojure
tags: clojure, lisp, projects
id: 124
content: |-
<p>I'm very proud to announce the release of my latest
project, <a href=''>Functional
Programming with Clojure</a>, a PeepCode screencast created
with <a href=''>Geoffrey Grosenbach</a>. We
were lucky to have Rich Hickey, the creator of Clojure do the
technical review.</p>
<p><b>Update:</b>PeepCode is now part of PluralSight.</p>
<p><a href=''>
<img src='/i/peepcode-clojure-title.png' alt='FP with CLJ' class='right' /></a></p>
<p>I've <a href='/121'>blogged</a> about <a href='/122'>Clojure</a>
before. It's becoming clear that with the way multi-core systems
are becoming the norm, functional programming provides tools to
handle concurrency in a straightforward way. Languages like
Haskell and Erlang are experiencing surges in popularity, but
Clojure brings some <a
new tricks</a> of its own to the table. Part of this is its
heritage as part of the Lisp family of languages, part of it is
being built on a really solid virtual machine, and part of it is
Rich's ingenuity that shines in its design.</p>
<img src='/i/peepcode-clojure-reduce.png' alt='reduce' align='left' />
<p>If you've been wanting to dive into Clojure, this is a great way
to get started quickly. The screencast steps through the development
of <a href=''>Mire</a>, a
multiplayer text adventure. I found this to be an fitting
project to showcase Clojure's strengths since it involves
concurrent processing while still requiring state to be shared
between threads, and it's simple enough to cover in an hour.</p>
<p>So take a look! I think you'll like it.</p>