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timestamp: Sun 31 Jan 2010 06:10:28 PM PST
title: in which, were a title to be summarized from the content, it would be altogether too similar to many of the titles used for past articles, possibly to the point of indistinguishability
tags: "emacs"
id: 133
content: |-
<p>Anyone who follows my exploits will have noticed I'm a tireless
proponent of <a href="">ELPA</a>, the Emacs
Lisp Package Archive. As a maintainer of several Elisp libraries,
ELPA makes my life easier by helping me sidestep the boring
problems of distribution and installation. You may not know that
package.el, the software behind ELPA, has been submitted for
inclusion in the next version of Emacs. I've taken up the task of
getting it ready.</p>
<img src="/i/flight-museum.jpg" alt="museum of flight bridge"
class="right" />
<p>Including something like package.el into Emacs is a big job, and
it's something that can only happen gradually. Emacs comes with a
number of applications such as <a href="">Org
Mode</a> and <a href="">Gnus</a> that are developed
externally to Emacs and merged periodically into the main Emacs
source tree. If they were to be redone as packages they could
still be distributed with Emacs builds but kept out of the source
tree. They could also be upgraded and installed/removed
independently of Emacs' historically long release cycles.</p>
<p>If you've submitted packages to ELPA before, you know it's a
process that could use some streamlining. Currently it's all done
by email, and packages must be manually uploaded by a single
maintainer before they appear to users. This has long been the
biggest shortcoming of ELPA. I've written some additions
(package-maint.el) that allow you to automate the maintenance of a
package source. Basically you provide it with a list of git URLs,
and it will check out each tagged version and create a package
from it. Of course, that wouldn't be useful without giving clients
the ability to get packages from multiple sources at once, which I
also added to package.el.</p>
<p>If you maintain any Emacs packages of your own, please try out
<a href="">my changes to
package.el</a>. If you use any of my packages, try upgrading and
adding my package source to your list.</p>
<pre class="code">(add-to-list 'package-archives
'("technomancy" . "") t)</pre>
<p>That way you'll get access to my updates as soon as they're
tagged rather than waiting for them to be manually uploaded,
though currently the latest versions of all my packages are in
ELPA. Next steps are closer integration with Emacs in order to
have packages installable on a system-wide level as well as a
per-user level, prerelease version number support, and
extraction of some built-in Emacs libraries as
packages. Suggestions, bug reports, and patches welcome!</p>
<p><b>Update</b>: package.el has been <a href="">
integrated into Emacs 24</a>. If you use Emacs 23, please use <a href="">this version instead</a>.</p>
<p><b>Update</b>: I've started using <a href="">Marmalade</a> instead of maintaining my own repository.</p>