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timestamp: Thu 31 Mar 2011 08:03:55 PM PDT
title: in which secrets are kept
tags: clojure, leiningen
id: 147
content: |-
<p>Back when Leiningen was <a href="/131">first launched</a> it
coincided with the launch
of <a href="">Clojars</a>, the public community
repository for Clojure
projects. This <a href="">worked
out really well</a> for Clojure as far as the timing was
concerned&mdash;it allowed the ecosystem to grow quickly.</p>
<img src="/i/chain-stump.jpg" alt="scenery" class="right" />
Clojars <a href="">doesn't
work for everything</a>; some situations call for libraries to be
shared on a team without making them public. For cases like this
it's necessary to publish to private repositories. This has been a
really common question with Leiningen that hasn't had a good
answer until recently; some folks bite the bullet and run <tt>lein
install</tt> on every development machine while others set up
shared static-file repositories maintained mostly by
hand. At <a href="">work</a> we've nginx'd up a
directory that gets deployed to from our Hudson (soon to
be <a href="">Jenkins</a>) jobs.</p>
<p>But the 1.5.0 release of Leiningen has added the <tt>deploy</tt>
task along with
a <a href="">deploy
guide</a>. Now you can deploy to private repositories like
instances of <a href="">Archiva</a> and
<a href="">Nexus</a>. Just configure
your <tt>:repositories</tt> in project.clj with the URL and
credentials for uploading:</p>
<pre class="code" style="font-size: 90%;">
<span class="builtin">:repositories</span> {<span class="string">"snapshots"</span> {<span class="builtin">:url</span> <span class="string">""</span>
<span class="builtin">:username</span> <span class="string">"milgrim"</span> <span class="builtin">:password</span> <span class="string">"locative.1"</span>}
<span class="string">"releases"</span> <span class="string">""</span>}</pre>
<p>If you're shy about checking passwords into project.clj, you can
put them in <tt>~/.lein/init.clj</tt> as mentioned in
the <a href="">deploy
guide</a>. Note that the naming is significant; if you are
deploying a <code>SNAPSHOT</code> version, it will go to the
"snapshots" repository, while stable versions will go to the
"releases" repository. Hopefully this is useful for teams
collaborating on multiple projects in private.</p>
<p><b>Update</b>: Don't store your repository credentials in
plaintext on your drive. Leiningen 2 features transparent GPG
support if you store them in <tt>~/.lein/credentials.clj.gpg</tt>,
which you should use instead.</p>