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timestamp: 2005-09-27 17:53:29
title: major dilemma
tags: hardware
id: 3
content: |-
<p> OK, here is my problem. I'm majorly addicted to my delightful <a href='/article/7'>three-screen setup</a> (don't try that, btw&mdash;it's insecure!) that I have at home, but I'm getting a little antsy from working at home all the time. I need to roam; maybe to work from a coffee shop or something. The problem is whenever I'm elsewhere with my laptop, I always feel the like I'm being crowded into a small 1024x768 elevator.... there simply is no elbow room. Bah&mdash;it's my own fault for getting spoiled.</p>
<p> Also, I'm trying to <a href=''>hoodwink</a> this blog to no success. If any experienced druids could give me a tip, I'd appreciate it. (You can wink me at <a href=''>my other blog</a> running Typo; that works just fine.)</p>