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timestamp: 2006-03-08 12:00:19
title: orientation
tags: ubuntu
id: 38
content: "<p>The other day I was thinking to myself, \"You know, I'm glad I don't have a widescreen display, because I already waste a lot of horizontal space. Vertical space is much more valuable.\" A few pokes to my <kbd>xorg.conf</kbd> produced this: </p>\n\
  <img src='/i/multihead-rotate.jpg' alt='sideways' />\n\
  <p>If you're using X, the trick is to add the line <code>Option \"Rotate\" \"CW\"</code> to the relevant device section. Not sure about other OSes; I've heard you can do it in Windows if you buy a special Samsung monitor. Thanks to AaronP from #xorg on freenode for pointing me in the right direction.</p> "
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