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timestamp: 2006-07-19 09:38:48
title: various
tags: projects
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<p>OK, so I haven't been doing anything at all noteworthy recently, so today's a sort of quote-and-link day.</p>
<p class='irc'>
technoweenie: whats a linked list?<br />
technoweenie: @arr << @elem ?<br />
technoweenie: matz can pdi</p>
<p>I found a great <a
of how to use HTTP response codes in your daily life</a> that had me
laughing uncontrollably.</p>
<p>I've done a few minor improvements on <a
href=''>Concourse</a> with <a
href=''>Andre</a>, but there's nothing too
exciting. I'll post here once we've finished the final elusive feature
of being able to choose meeting times that exclude certain attendees.</p><p> I did set up <a href=''>Planet Caboose</a>, which may be of interest to some. Don't laugh at the design; I've got dc allegedly working on it.</p>
<p>NP: "Chrome" by VNV Nation from <i>Matter and Form</i>.</p>