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timestamp: 2006-07-19 20:33:13
title: exception im notifier
tags: projects, rails
id: 53
content: |
<p>Well, it looks like I spoke too soon about not having anything
interesting going on.</p>
<blockquote> The <a
href="">Exception IM
Notifier plugin</a> is just like the regular Exception Notifier by
Jamis Buck except that it uses <a
to send instant messages rather than using ActionMailer to send
<p>Just do your usual <kbd>script/plugin install -x
svn://</kbd> and follow the directions
<p>Note that you'll only get notification in production mode for
obvious reasons. If you'd like to try it in development just to
confirm that it's working, replace "rescue_action_in_public" on line
70 of exception_notifiable.rb with "rescue_action".</p>
<p>Anyway, give it a go. Plans for future improvement include AIM
integration (so far it's just Jabber) and the ability to fall back
on email notification if the user is not online.</p>
<p>Oh, also I found out that <a
href="">Ebby</a> got mentioned
in <a
href="">a article</a>. It was a pretty insignificant blurb, but it
still seems cool by my low standards. (I've never had any high-profile
mention but for a quick link on RedHanded.)</p>