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timestamp: 2006-08-09 08:57:15
title: things i didn't do
tags: rails
id: 56
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<p>It's time for another linkfest!</a>
<li>Someone figured out how
to <a
GPS data with F-spot photos</a> via timestamps and dump it in to
Google maps. (This would be a good excuse to get a GPS.)</li>
<li>The <a
Documentation Drive</a> has raised a staggering $15, 227.74 to go
towards improving the Rails documentation. All this was raised in
three days from 94 contributors. If you make money with Rails, you
ought to pitch in!</li>
<li><a href=''>Dr. Nic's Magic
Models</a> takes the DRY principle to frightening lengths. Why
specify your associations/validations in the model when it's already
explained in the migration? (I'd be interested in the plausibility
of going the other direction since it seems more sane, but it's
rather problematic.)</li>
Clark <a
over what can be done to improve test fixtures</a> in Rails. The
fact that most of the people on the core panel admitted to not using
fixtures is a pretty good indicator that something's wrong
here. I'll admit I've had my share of pain with the brittleness of
fixtures, but I haven't really taken it to heart. Pain is code's way
of telling you that something needs improvement.</li>
<li>Lastly, here's
a <a
trick you can play on people who start mooching your
bandwidth</a>. Much fun.</li>