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timestamp: 2006-08-09 17:14:07
title: addendum
tags: projects, arorem
id: 57
content: |-
<p>Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention this. I've teamed up with
with <a href=''>Forrest Chang</a> to
focus on polishing Emacs' Rails support. I've written
up <a href=''>a tutorial</a>
(still in progress), and there's
a <a
page</a> on my wiki where you can have your say. Forrest is
planning on putting up some nifty screencasts, so stay tuned.</p>
<p>Also, <a href=''>Planet Caboose</a> is all official now.</p>
<p>Lastly, <a href=''>this web comic</a> is pretty funny.</p>