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timestamp: 2006-08-23 14:44:17
title: caboose tumling
tags: ""
id: 60
content: |
<pre class='irc'>
[technomancy] there's something about saying the name of the
attack you're about to use that appeals to me
[technomancy] "flaming fist of the monkey!"
[hasmanyjosh] can you do that with design patterns while
[aniero] "5-point buddha palm!"
[technomancy] hasmanyjosh: no, with refactorings
[technomancy] "replace conditional with polymorphism!"
[technomancy] chi!
[hasmanyjosh] ah yes! extract method!
[tonyc] ruby morality voltron ASSEMBLE!!
**tonyc breaks out his refactorings book
[aniero] method definition!
[tonyc] Ready... replacemagicnumberwithsymbolicconstant !!
[aniero] your refactor-fu is strong!
[aniero] someone plz tumblelog that
<p>Also funny: <a href=''>Guntron</a>.</p>
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